August 9, 2012

Mixed Reality Gaming Experience To Connect Athens And Luxembourg

The LiveCity project at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) and other partners announces an open competition for the design of a mixed reality gaming experience that will connect the cities of Athens and Luxembourg. The aim of LiveCity is to bring the people in both cities closer together through the concept of serious gaming. Play is a powerful concept and is often used to bring down barriers between people either deliberately or just as result of the act of playing itself. The LiveCity is about doing just that and the game wants to bring the people of both cities together in a fun, educational and informative way.

The project´s long-term perspective behind the game is to improve modern information and communication technologies: Video-to-video interaction is now possible with standard applications. However, these applications often suffer from problems due to Internet connectivity issues. LiveCity aims to overcome these problems by providing a guaranteed quality of service on the Internet.

LiveCity needs to test new technological approaches in real life —for example by using a game to the people of Athens and Luxembourg. What the game is about is open to the entrants of the announced competition. It could for example focus on aspects of daily life e.g. environmental, telecoms, transport, culture or tourism. The game should allow people in both cities to take part at the same time and in doing so gain an understanding of the issues that you wish to explore in each city.

Installations in Athens and in Luxembourg

In each city a multitouch surface will be installed, one in the Telecom Museum in Athens and the other in the Cité Bibliothèque, Luxembourg. These two multi-touch surfaces will allow groups of people to take part from each city at the same time. They will be connected using a new technology that allows reliable interactive video-to-video communication and this should be a key part of the final game design. Competitors also have the option of adding an additional TV screen to act as a video feed if they prefer.

As mobile devices now give us many more options for interaction both within building and within the wider city environment, the participants also have the option of letting some people take part in the game while they are either walking round the venues or within the city itself. The use of augmented reality on such devices as one method of improving the user experience may although be explored.

Educational Aspects

The project also includes links with schools in Athens, children from these schools should be able to take part in some way within the experiences. One option is installing a large television screen that provides updates about the game at the schools locations, or allowing the children to part in some way in the game.  For example, they could have a way to contribute content, take part in closed gaming sessions for children only or in some way take part in the experience from their own school. However, the overall gaming experience should also be suitable for adults. Please note that the schools will not have a multi-touch surface or table.

The competition is open to anyone aged over 18 residing in any country and participants can submit either individually or as a team. Groups of museum curators, students, game designers or just those with an interest are welcome to apply. The winner of the competition will be announced publicly and this is an ideal opportunity to raise ones profile in the mixed reality, gaming and research communities.

Final date for application: 1st September 2012

For more information or to submit an application contact Dr. Rod McCall  ([email protected])


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