Metaphysical Articles: ‘Channeling’ is the Topic of Mark Russell Bell’s Latest Blog Series about ‘Paranormal Phenomena’

August 10, 2012

Metaphysical author and blogger Mark Russell Bell has presented a series of articles at http://metaphysicalarticles.blogspot.com about Pearl Lenore Curran and the ‘Patience Worth’ ‘automatic writing’ case. Among other channelers/mediums featured in reports are Gladys Osborne Leonard, ‘Chico’ Xavier and D.D. Home. Bell has been blogging about ‘paranormal phenomena’ since April 2009.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) August 10, 2012

Mark Russell Bell is offering his perspective of documented cases of channeling and ‘trance channeling’ / mediumship following two other series of blog articles with ‘paranormal’ subjects this year: the first being Madame Blavatsky and the second being 1950s flying saucer ‘contactees.’ One recent article was entitled “In Comparison: Pearl Curran, ‘Miss Beauchamp,’ John Dee and Edward Kelley.”

Bell comments, “In recent months the topic selected each week has been determined by what I think will be most illuminating for readers who have considered the variety of previous blog posts relating to cases of so-called ‘paranormal phenomena.’”

In 2011 and 2010, series of blog articles at http://metaphysicalarticles.blogspot.com included mediumship and Spiritualism, ‘The Michael Pattern,’ and ‘Talking Poltergeist’ cases. Sometimes parallels can be found between the various topics; for example, one source that Bell has extensively featured this year is the nonfiction book Flying Saucer Pilgrimage (1957) by Bryant and Helen Reeve. One of the Reeves’ interview subjects was channeler Mark Probert.

The July 8, 2012 article “Some Reflections about Channeling and the Creative Process” offered this observation: “The word ‘channel’ has long been synonymous with trance mediumship. In the ‘Prefatory Remarks’ to Biography of Mrs. J. Conant (1873) Allen Putnam wrote: ‘She has been the channel through which more than ten thousand different spirits have sent messages to their kindred and friends on earth.’”

In the article, Bell also reported that the first memoir of Daniel Dunglas Home, Incidents In My Life (1862), is supplemented by the book Experiences in Spiritualism with Mr. D. D. Home (1869) by Viscount Adare. The latter book offers descriptions of 78 seances. A January 2012 blog article includes commentary about the ‘channeled book’ Health: Its Recovery and Maintenance (1929) featuring 12 lectures delivered through trance medium Eileen Garrett. A January 2010 article presents ‘Channeled Perspectives of the Brain’ via Edgar Cayce and Eileen Garrett.

Last month, Bell reviewed a nonfiction book about Chico Xavier and observed, “Perhaps another way of expressing that Earth beings have a ‘shared subconscious mind’ is to state that all individual consciousness/personality units belong to a self-aware ‘All That Is’ – a highly moral force . . .”

Among the articles available at Bell’s “Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media” blog at http://metaphysicalarticles.blogspot.com are:

“Excerpts from the Philo T. Farnsworth Biography by Elma Farnsworth”

“Instrumental Transcommunication”

“When Col. Olcott Met Madame Blavatsky”

“Messages From Michael”

“Some Noteworthy Instances of Seance Room Photography”

“Clive Wearing’s Rare Predicament of Having an Extremely Limited Memory”

A link to Mark Russell Bell’s blog may be found at his website http://testament.org where free Internet editions of his previous nonfiction case study books may be read.

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