August 13, 2012

Football Begins, But Science Says Wives Are Still Important

Lee Rannals for - Your Universe Online

Ladies, as football season starts to rev up, and your worries about the honey-do list being set aside on Sundays for the rest of the year begin to unfold, don't you worry because science says your man loves you more than his sport.

As your hubby pulls out his beer stained number 22 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys jersey from the closet in preparation for tonight's game versus the Oakland Raiders, researchers have reassured you he actually prefers you almost five times as much as his favorite team.

University of Bristol researchers measured the stress level of men as they watched pictures of players from their favorite soccer team being cut up before their eyes. Also, the scientists measured those same levels as images of their spouses were being torn in front of them.

Although the men felt such an allegiance to their team that they actually said they had more affection for their Newcastle United players than their wives, the results showed they were just being coy.

Not only did the researchers make the men suffer as they watched their favorite player and spouse's picture get ripped to shreds, but also had to choose between sticking needles into voodoo dolls of their favorite player and injuring him for a game, or their partner to make them ill for a week.

Some of the fans had no problem seeing their wife bedridden for a week in order to keep their player healthy.

"The data that we collected seemed to quite strongly support the idea that actually when it comes down to it they feel more strongly about their partners than their football team," Marcus Munafò, professor of Biological Psychology at Bristol University told the Telegraph. "Men in the UK and around the world are undoubtedly passionate about the beautiful game."

He said what the team set out to do was measure it in a scientific way, and focus on using techniques to determine what the men were thinking, despite their mouths telling a different story.

"As football fans we often hear about fans who suggest their team is more important than their girlfriend or spouse, so we decided to have some fun and put it to the test," Roger Harrison, from Puma, who commissioned the research told the Telegraph.

"Amongst the Newcastle United participants, who are known for being some of the most loyal and passionate fans in the world, it was clear to see supporters chose their wives over the team. In a game of two halves it seems it's the other half that wins."