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August 15, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 15, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from August 14: Severe weather was found in the Baltimore area along with places in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia where multiple reports of 1-inch plus hail was reported. Strong damaging wind reports were scattered from New York state southward into portions of Alabama along the frontal boundary with a report of many places having tree damage. A second pocket of strong storms struck in the Northern portion of Texas along the Oklahoma boundary with wind reports in the area of 60-80mph in multiple locations. A third localized area of strong storms was found in the Western portion of Montana again with many areas getting winds in the 70mph plus range.

Big Story Weather Outlook for August 15: A frontal boundary will extend from the Northeast back into portions of the Southeast and Gulf Coast bringing with it areas of showers and thunderstorms from places like New York, Baltimore and southward into Mobile AL where high temps will be in the lower 90´s. Temps in Baltimore will be near the mid 80´s.  A high pressure center is over the Tennessee River Valley bringing with it partly cloudy skies to places like Chicago where high temps will be in the lower 80´s. Another frontal boundary is draping through the Northern plains bringing with it showers and thunderstorms to the Dakota´s and portion of Minnesota. Cooler weather will be found in the Mountain West for places like Billings where the high temps will be only in the upper 60´s. The heat will continue along the West Coast for places like Seattle where high temps will be in the mid 80´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: A weak frontal boundary extends across Japan today bringing with it partly to mostly cloudy skies for the majority of the country. The tropical system continues to move across the Philippines towards China bringing very heavy rains to the region. The southwest monsoon has intensified again bringing vast amounts of moisture to India and the Southern parts of Asia. A deep low pressure system is moving across England again this morning bringing with it extensive cloud cover along with a few showers. Low pressure moving into the southern portion of South America will bring heavy rain to the region. Australia is between a low to the south and a high pressure to the west which is creating partly cloudy skies.

Big Story Weather Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: This morning things remain fairly quite across the basin with just two areas of low pressure at this time. The first area is heading towards Bermuda but will re-curve before hitting land. This area has estimated winds of 25kts and a pressure of 1014mb. The second is another strong wave getting ready to push of Africa towards the end of this week.

Eastern Pacific Basin: Tropical Storm Hector continues to swirl just south of the Baja in colder waters and should continue to weaken over the next few days as pressure is around 1002mb with winds near 35kts. Elsewhere in the Basin all is quiet.

Western Pacific: Tropical Storm Kai-Tak continues to strengthen and will likely become yet another Typhoon in the region later today as it continues its track towards China. Winds are estimated around 55kts with a pressure of 982mb. Another area of low pressure is found towards the north of Guam.

Climate Watch for the period of August 10-14: This morning´s analysis is showing that a ridge is making a shift towards the west allowing for the warmer weather to be found along the Pacific Northwest.

Baltimore MD: Temps started out normal followed by a few days of at or just above and below and then on the 14th returned to normal temps.

Chicago IL:  Has been very cool over the past few days for one of the first times this summer. Temps have been running a good 4-10 plus degrees below average and then the 14th the temps went above average by about 2 degrees.

Mobile AL: Temps have been hovering right around 1-2 above average and also 1-2 below average for the past few days.

Billings MT: Temps started at average and then cooled below average by 2-7 degrees followed by a gradual warming with temps now running about 8-10 degrees above average.

Seattle WA: The warmth is in place as temps started about 1-2 degrees above average and are continuing to rise now at about 6-10 degrees above average.