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August 20, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 20, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from August 17-19:
On Friday the frontal boundary continued to be the source of severe weather with the majority of the reports being strong wind damage from Texas into the Carolina´s. A few hail reports were also found in Kansas and Texas along with Arkansas. Saturday saw damaging winds in the Southern Plains and also very heavy rain along the Gulf Coast. On Sunday we saw more heavy rain along the Gulf Coast and also isolated hail reports in the Great Lakes and back into the Southwest.

Big Story Weather Outlook for August 20: A frontal boundary just off the Mid-Atlantic will bring a few thunderstorms back to the region, however nice conditions will prevail for places like Buffalo as temps get into the upper 70´s. A stationary boundary will extend across the Gulf Coast bringing scattered showers and thunderstorms to the region, while places like Atlanta will be partly cloudy with temps in the mid 80´s. High pressure will control the weather from the Plains all the way into the Midwest for places like Chicago were the temps will be in the lower 70´s with partly cloudy skies. High pressure will also be in control of the weather over the western two-thirds of the United States bringing partly cloudy skies to places like Denver and Seattle were temps will be in the upper 70´s to lower 80´s. A few thunderstorms will be found in the Southwest along the monsoonal trough.

Big Story Weather International Outlook:
Typhoon Tembin continues to track towards Southeast Asia bringing very heavy rains and strong winds to the region. High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to places from Tokyo westward into the Korean Peninsula. Interaction between the typhoon and the monsoonal trough will bring heavier rain to Southeast Asia.  Hurricane Gordon continues to track towards Europe. While another strong wave is getting ready to push off Africa within the next 30hrs and head towards the Verde Islands. High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to the Northern portion of Australia, while two areas of low pressure bring rainy conditions to the southern portion of Australia.

Big Story Weather Tropical Update, August 20, 2012:

Atlantic Basin: Hurricane Gordon continues to track eastward across the Northern Atlantic towards Spain, however it should weaken over the next 24hrs as winds are currently around 65kts with a pressure of 984mb. 94L is becoming very well organized and could become our next tropical system later today as winds are around 25kts with a pressure of 1010mb as it continues to track towards the Windward Islands. A strong area of thunderstorm development off the coast of Mexico in the Gulf of Mexico currently has winds around 20kts with a pressure of 1008mb. It has a small chance of development. A third wave has pushed off the coast of Africa and currently has winds near 25kts with a pressure of 1010mb.

Eastern Pacific Basin: One area of development is found just off the west coast of Mexico this morning with winds near 25kts and a pressure of 1010mb has a small chance of development.

Western Pacific Basin: Typhoon Tembin this morning is just to the east of the Philippines and has winds around 95kts with an estimated pressure of 952mb. Tropical Storm Bolaven is forecasted to become another Typhoon within the next couple of days as winds this morning are around 35kts with a pressure of 996mb this storm will continue to move towards Okinawa Japan. Two other areas of interest are found 97W has a good chance of becoming a tropical storm later as winds are currently around 30kts with a pressure of 1007mb, while the other area is a little weaker with winds around 15kts.

Climate Watch for the period of August 15-19: The heat persisted in the West, while the East saw cooler temps over the past few days.

Buffalo NY: Temps started about 1-2 degrees above normal and then quickly behind the cold front fell below average by 2-5 degrees.

Atlanta GA: On the 16th the area was about 3 degrees above normal, otherwise the rest of the time the area seen temps 2-4 degrees below average.

Chicago IL: The 15th brought temps of about 3 degrees above normal, followed by a cool down as temps dropped to about 3-6 degrees below average.

Denver CO: Started the period about 7 degrees above normal, also followed by a 2-6 degree below average period.

Seattle WA: Very warm on the 15th and 16th as temps were about 11-17 degrees above normal, followed by a brief cool down as temps are now around 2-5 degrees below average.