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August 22, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 22, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from August 21: The top headline of the day was the formation of Tropical Storm Isaac in the Atlantic. Severe weather reports included a tornado touchdown in the Southwestern portion of Utah and also a waterspout moved onshore near Chambers County Texas. Strong wind damage reports were found in Arizona, Montana and also Northeastern Florida. Both reports out of Montana and Florida had wind gusts in excess of 70mph.

Big Story Weather Outlook: High pressure will be building in over the Ohio River valley and extending into the Northeast providing a nice day for New York with high temps in the lower 80´s. The trailing edge of the frontal boundary will bring scattered showers/thunderstorms to the Carolina´s and Florida. The southern edge of the high pressure will impact the Gulf Coast bringing partly cloudy skies with a few thunderstorms in the afternoon for places like New Orleans where high temps will be in the upper 80´s. The Plains will be dominated by high pressure for places like Fargo where temps will hit the mid 80´s. Look for the monsoonal moisture to possibly spread into the Denver region towards the evening, otherwise partly cloudy skies with high temps in the mid 80´s. The monsoonal trough will bring showers and thunderstorms to the southwest otherwise the rest of the West will be nice and dry in places like Seattle were high temps will be in the lower 70´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: High pressure over Eastern Japan will impact the region with partly cloudy skies. A second area of high pressure will impact Eastern China northward into the Korea´s bringing partly cloudy skies to the region. The typhoons both continue tracking towards the west over the Western Pacific. The monsoonal trough will be weaker today providing isolated showers to Southeast Asia. High pressure will bring warm and dry conditions to the Middle East. The last few showers of Gordon will be making an impact on England and Spain. High pressure is beginning to ridge into the western portion of Australia bringing partly cloudy skies to the region.

Big Story Weather Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Storm Isaac formed yesterday afternoon and is on a westward track towards Puerto Rico and then eventually turning northward for a possible landfall in Southern Florida. Estimated winds are near 40kts with a pressure of 1003mb. This storm is forecasted to become a hurricane in the next few days, so if you live anywhere from Western Florida (Tampa) to Southeastern Florida (Miami) you need to heed this storm as its moving right towards your section of the beach. Elsewhere there is Tropical Depression 10L which will form sometime today and possibly increase to a tropical storm. This system is a bit further east over the Atlantic but is following in Isaac´s footsteps as winds are estimated around 25kts with a pressure of 1009mb.

Eastern Pacific Basin: No concern in this basin today.

Western Pacific Basin: Typhoon Tembin has wind speeds near 90kts and a pressure of 956mb as it continues to track towards Taiwan where it will make landfall before heading westward towards China. Also Bolaven became a Typhoon overnight with winds near 80kts and a pressure of 963mb as this storm continues to also track northwestward towards the island of Okinawa Japan.

Climate Watch for the period of August 17-21: A better balance of temps was found over the United States these past five days.

New York NY: The 17th proved to be about 8 degrees above normal, followed by a 3-8 degree below normal temps for the remainder of the period.

New Orleans LA: The entire period temps were running about 3-5 degrees below normal with the exception being on the 19th temps were 12 degrees below normal.

Denver CO: Started the period right at average and then quickly went into temps of 4-6 degrees below average and finished the 21st with temps about 2 degrees above average.

Fargo ND: Temps have been hovering around 2-4 degrees above average and also 2-4 degrees below average during the entire period.

Seattle WA: Very warm on the first day with temps about 15 degrees above normal followed by temps returning to 2-5 below average with slight above average on the 20th.