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August 24, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 24, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from August 23: The top story from yesterday again was the heavy rainfall that spread across the Southwest. The second major event was the high fire potential that is still in effect over the Northern Rockies and the Western Plains due to the very dry conditions. Also from a severe weather aspect there was one reported tornado in Eastern Colorado, along with a concentration of wind and hail damage that spread across Eastern South Dakota and portions of Western Minnesota.

Big Story Weather Outlook for August 24: High pressure over Southeast Canada will bring partly cloudy skies to the Northeast today as temps will be in the upper 70´s to lower 80´s around the Baltimore area. A few lingering thunderstorms will be found from the Carolina´s southwestward back into Florida. Also look for a few thunderstorms along the Gulf Coast this afternoon. The monsoonal moisture will be in place over the southwest again today leading to heavy rainfall. Also look for thunderstorms to develop this afternoon along an upper level trough over the Southern plains for places like Topeka. High pressure will control the weather over the Rockies and into the West Coast leading to dry and mild conditions for Boise and also mild conditions in Los Angeles as temps will rise to the lower 80´s. Fire Danger will be elevated for the Northern Rockies again today.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to most of Japan and westward back into the Korea´s today. The typhoons will be bringing extra moisture to both Taiwan and also Okinawa over the weekend. The monsoonal trough will be in full force over Southeast Asia today bringing heavy rainfall to places like India and Pakistan. High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to Eastern Europe, while an approaching low pressure will bring showers to England and also parts of Spain and France. Transition between two low pressures over Australia will bring extensive cloud cover to the southern part of the country, while the northern territories enjoy partly cloudy skies.

Big Story Weather Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Storm Isaac continues to turn towards Haiti and south of Puerto Rico with estimated winds near 45mph along with a pressure of 1000mb. Tropical Depression Joyce currently this morning has winds around 30mph and a pressure of 1005mb. Tropical Storm Isaac is forecasted to continue tracking northwestward and should arrive over Haiti and Cuba this weekend bringing heavy rainfall along with strong winds. Isaac is forecasted to re-intensify as it emerges over the Gulf late Sunday and into Monday. Early indications are that this storm will reach Cat 1 strength before making landfall near the Panhandle of Florida or the Alabama Coast on Tuesday night.

Eastern Pacific Basin: No concern in this basin today.

Western Pacific Basin: Typhoon Tembin has lost some strength as it now is around a minimal typhoon this morning as it continues to turn towards Taiwan and Eastern China. Typhoon Bolaven continues to strengthen and move towards Okinawa as a very powerful Typhoon.

Climate Watch for the period of August 19-23:

A sudden shift over the past five days again has leaned to a warmer period for a good portion of the United States with the exception being along the East Coast.

Baltimore MD: Temps have been ranging about 2-9 degrees below average except for the 23rd when temps rose to about 1-2 degrees above average.

Tampa FL: Temps have held steady at 1-2 above or below average over the past five days.

Topeka KS: Started the 19th with temps about 5 degrees below normal followed by a 3-9 degree above average period over the region.

Boise ID: The entire period has been 2-5 degrees above average.

Los Angeles CA: Temps have been running about 2-8 degrees above average all the way up to the 23rd where temps dropped to about 1-2 below average.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for Aug 24, 2012:

Day 1-3: The heavy rainfall that will continue across the Southwest will lead to large areas of flash flooding throughout the Southwest part of the United States. A higher risk for fires along the Northern Rockies and Western Plains will also be a major impact.

Day 4-7: The potential landfall of a CAT1 or 2 Hurricane along the Northern Gulf Coast will bring very heavy rain, strong winds and high storm surge to the Northern Gulf Coast from the panhandle of Florida all the way west back into Mississippi.

Day 8-12: The remains of Isaac will spread some much needed rain across the Southeast which could be heavy creating flooding in some areas from Georgia northward into the Carolina´s and Virginia.

Day 13-15: Interaction between a strong low pressure center moving across Canada and the remains of Isaac will bring some heavy rainfall to the Northeast and parts of the drought stricken Ohio River valley. The possibility of another Tropical System pushing across the Atlantic is also high at this time.