Tropical Storm Isaac Update
August 27, 2012

Big Story Weather Tropical Update for Aug 27, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

This afternoon all attention is on Tropical Storm Isaac as it continues to head through the Haiti area.

As of 12:00PM CDT, Tropical Storm Isaac continued to track West-Northwest over the Gulf of Mexico with estimated winds near 65mph and a pressure of 988mb. Isaac is still forecasted to make landfall as a CAT 1 Hurricane, although there is the possibility that it may reach near CAT 2 strength. The latest satellite image seen above shows that Isaac is getting better organized and may develop an eye over the next few hours leading the way to Hurricane classification.

Residents in the potentially affected areas should be finishing up their work to secure their houses, and if you live in a flood prone area “NOW” is the time to be moving.

Isaac, as mentioned before, is still a tropical storm, however when it reaches CAT 1 strength there will be an even larger area affected by it. That is why places form Texas into the South Central part of the state were in Tropical Storm warnings, while from South Central LA into the panhandle of Florida Hurricane warnings were still in effect.

Above is our select city impact map for Isaac.

In the red/black circle is New Orleans: Landfall is going to be within 40 miles of the city. Expect to see winds in the range of 70-95 mph during landfall. Storm surge is going to be in the 9-12 ft range. Since this will be occurring during astronomical high tide, it could lead to the possibility of 14-16 ft storm surge in and around the city. Rainfall amounts will be in the 12-16 in range.

The red/white circle is Biloxi Mississippi: Landfall will be to the west putting the area in the vigorous right front quad of the storm. Winds are forecasted to be in the 70-90 mph range along with storm surge near 9-12 ft. With the high tide occurring at the same time, this could lead to rises of 14-15ft for the area. Rainfall is estimated to be in the 14-18 in range.

The red/blue circle is Mobile Bay AL: Landfall is expected to occur to the west. However, due to the size of Isaac, this region will see winds around 50-70mph with storm surge of 6-9 ft moving right up into the bay. This could lead to massive flooding. Rainfall amounts will be in the 10-14 in range.

The red/orange circle is Pensacola Florida: Landfall will be to the west of the region. However, conditions will still support Tropical Storm Force winds along with a storm surge of 4-6 ft and rainfall amounts of 8+ inches of rain.