MindMachines.com’s Light and Sound Machine Expert Michael Landgraf Interviews Chuck Davis Inventor of pROSHI Neurodynamic Activator Instant Meditation Mind Machine

August 27, 2012

Light and sound machine expert, Michael Landgraf of MindMachines.com, interviews visionary inventor of the pROSHI neurodynamic activator meditation mind machine, Chuck Davis.

Los Angeles,CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2012

MindMachines.com’s light and sound expert, Michael Landgraf interviews mind machine visionary and inventor of the pROSHI neurodynamic activator, Chuck Davis. In this informative and entertaining interview Chuck explains the concept of the artificial mantra and how it is the shortcut to instant and effortless meditation. Mr. Davis also goes into detail about the new 3-diminesional light stimulation mechanism of the pROSHI 3D RoshiFrames for the pROSHI II series devices. The interview is hosted by Michael Landgraf, author of “Mind States: An Introduction To Light And Sound Technology” and publisher of The AVS Journal, the only publication dedicated to light and sound brainwave technology.

“Chuck is a true visionary in the field. He is lucid, thoughtful and a pleasure to interview. Our conversation was informative and thought provoking. I am certain our readers will enjoy it.”, says Michael Landgraf, Mind Machines interviewer.

When discussing the pROSHI 3D RoshiFrames Chuck Davis says, “ If you understand the basic mechanism used in 3D movies; wherein the polarized glasses have a horizontal plane for the left eye, and a vertical plane for the right eye. Similarly, two projectors are used to place the images onto the screen to be viewed, and the brain decodes them as having depth and dimension.

The pROSHI2 has two separately “polarized” serial data streams (images) coming from each port; but also in the same time domain. These are used to drive each eye, separately, thus giving the brain a much larger task, in tracking and decoding data from an apparently a more complex “space”.”.

Chuck Davis is a well known brainwave researcher and creator of ROSHI technology. He currently heads ROSHICorp and manufactures the pROSHI II neurodynamic activator and 3D RoshiFrames. He also developed the concepts of the artificial digital mantra and ROSHI disentrainment.

Michael Landgraf has a long history of involvement in the light and sound machine community. He has advised manufacturers, government officials, health care professionals and clinicians in the use of light and sound brainwave technologies. Michael is a member of the MindMachines.com board of directors and a frequent contributor to the Mind Machines blog.

For more information about Chuck Davis, the pROSHI Neurodynamic Activator, Michael Landgraf or MindMachines.com visit the mindmachines.com website.

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