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August 28, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 28, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Tropical Update for Aug 28, 2012:

This afternoon we now have a CAT 1 Storm Isaac on our coastline approaching the New Orleans area and also the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Below is an image of current flooding that is already occurring.

Water 2-4 feet above flood stage near the Fort Bayou in Ocean Springs Mississippi.

As of 1PM CDT Hurricane Isaac continues to track northwestward towards the mouth of the Mississippi River and will make landfall later this evening. All places from New Orleans and eastward towards Mobile Bay Alabama will start experiencing very strong winds. These winds are expected to reach hurricane force conditions all along the coast this afternoon and through the night. Rainfall amounts are going to be around 12-20 inches for the entire coast. Storm surge will be reaching 8-13 feet across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Severe weather is anticipated also as a tornado watch has been issued for the region as the right front quadrant is approaching the Mississippi Gulf Coast this evening which will provide plenty of rotating cells across the region.

These conditions have started along the coast as winds are already in Tropical Storm force through many areas along the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast. Storm surge has been around 2-4 feet, however the worst is going to occur during Wednesday morning's high tide period.

If you live in any of these regions be prepared for Category 1 Hurricane conditions as they are only hours away from occurring.


UPDATE: As of 11:20PM CDT they have upgraded Isaac to a CAT 1 Hurricane. Earlier this morning Obama warned Gulf Coast residents not to 'tempt fate' More updates as they come become available.


Big Story Weather from August 27: The biggest story of the day was the progression of Tropical Storm Isaac as it continued to push towards the LA/MS Coast bringing with it heavy rain, large storm surge and strong damaging winds. Severe weather reports were found in North Dakota where they had hail around 1 inch, while multiple wind damage reports came from Eastern Florida associated with Isaac. Also Western Florida had impacts from Isaac. Wind damage reports were found in Southern Arizona and places in Montana.

Big Story Weather Outlook for August 28: A frontal boundary will extend through the Northeast bringing showers and thunderstorms to Portland Maine. The Mid-Atlantic and Southeast will be seeing moisture from the south on the increase today, while New York City will be dry and nice with temps in the mid 80´s. The Gulf Coast is going to be feeling Hurricane and Tropical Storm force conditions beginning today as places like New Orleans, Biloxi and Mobile will see squalls, feeder bands. Strong winds in excess of 85mph for Biloxi and New Orleans. Also storm surge of 9-12 feet will be common in these places along with rainfall amounts of 12+ inches. The remainder of the United States from the Southwest into the Northern Plains will be under high pressure as temps rise into the upper 80´s for Kansas City along with temps in the Northern Rockies rising into the mid to upper 90´s such as places like Billings. The Pacific Northwest will be cool today as temps rise into the mid 70´s for places like Seattle under partly cloudy skies.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Low pressure moving over the Korea´s will bring with it heavy rainfall and strong winds, while mostly cloudy skies will prevail over Japan. The monsoonal trough will be really weak today as showers will become more suppressed by the high pressure towards the North. High pressure over Europe will bring partly cloudy skies from Spain eastward into Germany and southward into Italy. Low pressure to the southwest of England will bring showers to the region. High pressure will be in control of the weather for portions of South America along the Southern portion of the country. High pressure over the interior portion of Australia will bring nice conditions to the region. While a frontal boundary to the west will bring partly cloudy skies to Perth.

Big Story Weather Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Storm Isaac continues to churn in the Northern Gulf and is forecasted to strengthen into a Hurricane before landfall in Southeastern LA. Along with that the Gulf Coast region is going to see strong winds in excess of 65mph along with rainfall amounts in excess of 12 inches and storm surge of 9-12ft. All of this will make for a very serious situation in the region. This morning winds are estimated to be around 60kts with a pressure of 978mb. Another area of concern is over in the middle of the Atlantic and this morning it currently has winds of 30kts along with a pressure of 1011mb.

Eastern Pacific Basin: Tropical Storm Ileana is tracking off the coast of Mexico and is forecasted to move out into the Eastern Pacific posing no threat to land with winds near 40kts along with a pressure of 1000mb. It will intensify slightly before hitting the colder waters.

Western Pacific Basin: Tropical Storm Bolaven continues to track northward and is now impacting the Koreas with very strong winds and also heavy rain in the region. Winds are estimated around 55kts with a pressure of 982mb. Tropical Storm Tembin refuses to go away after making a complete 360 circle. It is now headed back towards the North and is to remain a tropical storm as it heads towards the Koreas. Winds are around 55kts with a pressure of 982mb.

Climate Watch for the period of August 19-23: Conditions across the country are starting to shift towards a cooler pattern with multiple high pressure systems working into the regions.

New York City NY: Started the period about 2-4 degrees above average followed by a near normal period.

Biloxi MS: Has been cooler than average by about 1-3 degrees followed by a small warming period on the 27th of 1 degree.

Kansas City MO: Temps started about 9 degrees above average followed by a sudden cool down of temps around 1-4 degrees below normal and finished the 27th back about 6 degrees above normal.

Billings MT: Averaged about 7-10 degrees above normal followed by a 4 degree below normal day and on the 27th was back to about 14 degrees above normal.

Seattle WA: Started the period with temps about 2-6 degrees below normal and then on the 25th warmed to about 4 degrees above normal followed by a below normal period again.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for Aug 28, 2012:

Day 1-3: Isaac with be the major player in the US over the next few days with the forecasted landfall between MS/LA as a possible CAT 1 or 2 along with very heavy rains, strong winds and coastal storm surge and right front feeder band tornadoes.

Day 4-7: The remains of Isaac will bring some much needed rain to the drought stricken Midwest and also another stronger cold front will advance through the Northern Plains.

Day 8-12: Another tropical system could be entering near Puerto Rico and begin making a westward movement during the period.

Day 13-15: Another Tropical system in the Gulf threating to make landfall along the Northern Gulf States again.