Hurricane Isaac Update for Aug 28, 2012
August 29, 2012

Big Story Weather Isaac Update for Aug 28, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

This afternoon the Gulf Coast from Southern Louisiana eastward to Mississippi and Alabama along with parts of Florida are still dealing with a slow moving Isaac. Right now the storm is not moving very fast which is creating a large amount of flooding, power outages and also downed trees. Many major highways are flooded along the coast and have been closed for traffic. This afternoon, many communities are still dealing with tropical storm force winds and gusts approaching hurricane force. The image above shoes some of the local flooding created by Isaac. Storm surge has peaked however and has left very high waters in its wake as you can see below in this image from Ocean Springs MS.

100PM CDT: The Atlantic Basin has Hurricane Isaac which currently has winds near 70kts with a pressure of 970mb. This storm will continue to move slowly northwestward over Louisiana and will gradually weaken, however the Gulf Coast will be dealing with the effects for at least 24-30 more hours.

Tropical Storm Kirk is currently well out into the Atlantic and is forecasted to re-curve well east of Bermuda and will be no impact to land. Winds are around 40kts with a pressure of 1007mb right now. There is also a Invest area located to the Southeast of Kirk that has a 60% of being our next named system.

Eastern Pacific: Soon to be Hurricane Ileana continues to turn over the Eastern Pacific with winds near 60kts and a pressure of 991mb, this storm poses no threat to land at this time.

Western Pacific: Tropical Storm Tembin continues to track towards the north and will be approaching South Korea over the next couple of days bringing strong winds and heavy rain.