Best Drivers Report Says Midwest Is Best
August 29, 2012

American Midwest Has Safer Drivers And Funnier Accents To Boot

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Besides mindless chit chat about the weather, another small-talk staple is the current state of traffic and/or road construction. As we come in contact with humans with whom we aren´t familiar or will be parting company with in just a moment, we often feel a compulsory urge to say something to fill any dead air space between us. Thus, small talk is employed as a way to either appear courteous to one another or a way to simply figure out if a person is friendly.

No matter where you may travel, traffic is always a bone of contention for the locals and, similarly, every city and town thinks they have the worst traffic EVER. You can also count on hearing statements which begin with “I´ve driven in LA, New York and Atlanta, and the traffic there is nowhere near how bad it is here!”

In an attempt to put the matter to rest, or in order to simply hand out meaningless accolades to drum up city pride, (or is it shame?) Allstate Insurance has issued their eighth annual “America´s Best Drivers Report.”

This report, based on claims filed from Allstate Insurance customers, ranks the largest of American cities in terms of the safest place to drive.

Once again, longtime champion Sioux Falls, South Dakota took the title of “America´s Safest Driving City,” making this year the 5th time the county seat of Minnehaha County has taken the award.

According to this year´s report, Sioux Falls drivers get in accidents only every 14 years or so. The national average, by the way, is one collision every 10 years, meaning that perhaps Sioux Falls residents also live at least 4 years longer than the rest of Americans.

“Allstate's Best Driver's Report was created to boost the country's discussion on safe driving,” said Mike Roche, senior vice president of claims in a press statement.

“Each year we hope the report will increase awareness about the importance of being tolerant and attentive behind the wheel. We want to recognize the city of Sioux Falls for being the safest driving city in America, and whether you drive in a large city, small city or a rural area, we encourage all Americans to practice safe driving habits and good car safety."

As a way to give the entire country a sort of “Honorable Mention” ribbon, Allstate´s report found that car crash fatalities are at their lowest level since 1949, though there are still more than 32,000 on average every year.

As you might expect, the slower pace of the American Midwest does well to prevent auto collisions. According to the Allstate report, 5 of the top ten safest cities are located in the Middle of America, with a few southern cities thrown in for some chicken-fried flavor.

Rounding out the top ten list are:

- Boise, Idaho
- Fort Collins, Colorado
- Madison, Wisconsin
- Lincoln, Nebraska
- Huntsville, Alabama
- Chandler, Arizona
- Reno, Nevada (Hat tip to Lt. Dangle)
- Knoxville, Tennessee
- Springfield, Missouri

Phoenix, Arizona gets special praise for being the safest city with a population greater than 1 million people. Overall, Phoenix ranked 53rd.

As for the most dangerous cities for driving in America, our own Nation´s capital makes us proud with a 112% greater-than-average accident frequency. Elsewhere on the list, Philadelphia, PA has a 64.1% greater than average rate of accident frequency, Miami, FL comes in at 58.4%, often despised LA comes in at 48.5% and Arlington, TX, home of America´s Football Team, came in at number 25 with a 35.4% greater-than-average accident rate.

In conclusion, if we are to take anything away from this report, it´s that you´re safer in the Midwest than you are on the East Coast. Take from that what you will.