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August 30, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 30, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from August 29, 2012: The major story across the United States was the movement of Tropical Storm Isaac as it continued to create havoc across LA/MS/AL. There were reports of storm surges of at least 12 feet in some places, flash flooding with areas like New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast getting over 12 inches of rain. The winds that came through the area brought gusts near 60-70mph across the entire region. Tornadoes were also reported along the coastal region of Mississippi in multiple locations with some minor damage. This all occurred on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. A few damaging wind reports occurred in Arizona and also in Georgia which were associated with Isaac.

Big Story Weather Outlook for August 30: Tropical Storm Isaac will move further into Louisiana today bringing heavy rain across a good portion of the Gulf Coast and portions of the Southeast along with gusty winds. High pressure will impact the Northeast bringing partly cloudy skies and mild temps to places like Boston were the high will be in the mid 70´s. The monsoonal moisture will return to the Southwest today bringing an increase in thunderstorms to the region. High pressure will also extended back into the Plains bringing nice conditions to places like Omaha were the temps will be in the upper 70´s. The Northwest and West coast will again be nice as temps will be in the lower 80´s to upper 70´s under partly cloudy skies.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: Low pressure will impact the Korea´s and Japan bringing with it stronger winds and heavy rains. There will also be showers in Southeast China associated with monsoonal moisture. The monsoonal moisture will extend back westward into India. High pressure of the coast of Europe interacting with a low pressure in the north will bring heavier rain showers to the majority of Western Europe. Interaction between a low pressure to the southeast of Australia and high pressure over the central part of the country will bring showers to the southeast region and partly cloudy skies to the rest of the country.

Big Story Weather Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Strom Isaac is making a lasting punch along the Gulf Coast this morning as it continues to drift slowly northwestward across Louisiana with estimated winds near 45kts and a pressure of 981mb. Tropical Storm Kirk continues to turn out over the open Atlantic and should not impact any land at this time as it has estimated winds near 50kts and a pressure of 1001mb. Another area of interest is 98L which will probably intensify into another tropical storm later today as it continues to move over the open Atlantic. This one needs to be watched for a possible impact near the United States, this morning estimated pressure is near 1007mb with winds around 30kts.

Eastern Pacific Basin: Hurricane Ileana is tracking off the coast of Mexico and is forecasted to move out into the Eastern Pacific posing no threat to land with winds near 65kts along with a pressure of 987mb. It will intensify a little before hitting the colder waters.

Western Pacific Basin: Tropical Storm Tembin is making on last push as it moves over South Korea today brining strong winds and heavy rain to the region winds are estimated around 35kts with a pressure of 996mb.

Climate Watch for the period of August 25-29: The Northeast had a frontal boundary to start the past five days, while the Southeast has been dealing with cooler conditions due to the tropical system.

Boston MA: The region started out the period with temps about 1-3 degrees below normal followed by a short warming period where temps rose 7-8 degrees above normal, followed by a cool 29th were temps fell to 3 below average.

Gulfport MS: The 25th was a 1-2 degree below average followed by an average day and then one day of warmer temps by 1-2 degrees, followed by a cool down as temps dropped 5-9 degrees below average.

Omaha NE: Started the period with temps 9 degrees below average followed by a strong warming trend as temps rose 7-15 degrees above average.

Dallas TX: Cool temps to start as they were about 9 degrees below average followed by a small warming trend as temps are now 1-2 degrees above average.

Los Angeles CA: Temps started  1-3 below average, followed by a strong warming period with temps running 4-10 degrees above average.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for Aug 30, 2012:

Day 1-3: Isaac will continue to now bring rains to the Midwest and help the drought stricken region with some heavier rainfall amounts. The monsoonal trough will bring increased showers to the Southwest.

Day 4-7: The remains of Isaac will bring some rain to the Northeast and also it will establish a frontal boundary which will impact the southeast and Gulf Coast with more rainfall. The monsoonal trough will continue to bring wetter than normal conditions to the Southwest.

Day 8-12: The monsoonal trough will impact the Southwest with heavier rainfall amounts.

Day 13-15: A stronger high pressure will move through the Northern tier of the United States bringing some colder weather than normal for this time of period. Another Low pressure area will possibly begin to develop out in Southern California and will start making its way across the country.