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August 31, 2012

Big Story Weather – August 31, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from August 30: The big weather came from the Gulf Coast and the Southeast as Isaac continued to weaken but still provided plenty of rain and damage. Multiple tornadoes were reported throughout Mississippi as well as a single report in Alabama. There was also a pocket of wind damage reports coming from Southern California. There were reports yesterday of rainfall amounts reaching 12-24 inches along the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Big Story Weather Outlook for August 31: The end of another busy month is upon us. High pressure in the Mid-Atlantic will bring nice conditions to the area and that will extend into the Northeast. Look for places like Baltimore to see partly cloudy skies and warm with temps in the lower 90´s. The Southeast will be dealing with the remains of Isaac again today bringing heavy rain and stronger winds to places like Arkansas/Tennessee and also into Kentucky. Look for thunderstorms also along the Gulf Coast as temps in the Biloxi area reach for the upper 80´s. High pressure will impact the Northern Plains and the space in between the two highs is where we find Chicago they will start the day nice followed by showers towards the evening as temps will be in the mid 80´s. The mountain west will be warm again today as places like Boise will hit the lower 90´s. The West coast will be nice today especially for places like San Diego where temps will be in the upper 80´s under partly cloudy skies towards afternoon.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: A frontal boundary extending over Japan and the Korea´s will bring showers and thunderstorms to the region today. The monsoonal trough will be in place over South China and also into India with heavy rainfall. High pressure over England will bring one of the nicest days in a while to the region, while there will be scattered showers inland over France and Germany. Australia has a weak trough moving through the west which will bring a few showers to the region, while the Central and Eastern part of Australia will see partly cloudy skies with an area of high pressure to the south.

Big Story Weather Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Isaac has been downgraded to a Tropical Depression as it continues to dump heavy rain over the Southeast this morning. Winds are around 35kts with a pressure of 992mb. The storm will track over several drought stricken areas providing some much-needed relief. Hurricane Kirk is out in the Atlantic making its way away from the United States and won´t be an impact to land over the next few days. Pressure is around 970mb with winds near 90kts. Tropical Storm Leslie is currently a TS however later today is will become a hurricane as winds are approaching 55kts and a pressure of 999mb. This storm is forecasted to continue a westward track over the next couple of days.

Eastern Pacific Basin: Hurricane Ileana is tracking off the Baja of Mexico and is slowly weakening as winds are near 65kts with a pressure of 985mb and again this storm will remain over open waters impacting just marine interest in the area with high seas and strong winds.

Western Pacific Basin: There is one area of interest located in the region at this time with winds 15kts and a pressure of 1010mb. It is not forecasted to intensify over the next 24hrs.

Climate Watch for the period of August 26-30: In the West and East we have dealt with the warmth of summer again over the past few days.

Baltimore MD: Temps started out 5 degrees below average, however rapidly increased to 3-5 degrees above average for the remainder of the period.

Biloxi MS: Temps started 1-3 degrees above normal and then Hurricane Isaac readjusted the temps to 3-9 degrees below average.

Chicago IL: Temps stared 1 degree below average followed by a warming trend of temps 5-10 degrees above average.

Boise ID: Warm conditions have prevailed as temps are running 3-12 degrees above average with one day of below average temps which were near 3 below.

San Diego CA: Started 1 degree below average, however have maintained about 1-4 degrees above average for the remainder of the period.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for Aug 31, 2012:

Day 1-3: Isaac will continue to now bring rains to the Midwest and help the drought stricken region with some heavier rainfall amounts. The monsoonal trough will bring increased showers to the Southwest. Also a frontal boundary will extend down through the Northern Plains bringing some showers to the region.

Day 4-7: The remains of Isaac will bring some rain to the Northeast and also it will establish a frontal boundary which will impact the southeast and Gulf Coast with more rainfall. The monsoonal trough will continue to bring wetter than normal conditions to the Southwest.

Day 8-12: The monsoonal trough will impact the Southwest with heavier rainfall amounts.

Day 13-15: Warm conditions will prevail in the west, while the central part of the US will enjoy high pressure and drier conditions. The Northeast could be dealing with Leslie during this time period brining very heavy rains and strong winds along with surge and high wave action creating a large impact in the Boston to Maine area.