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September 3, 2012

Big Story Weather – September 3, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from Aug 31- Sep 2: The remains of Isaac continued to drench the Midwest with some much needed rain. However, it did come pretty fast leading to flash flooding as well as a few tornadoes to Missouri and Illinois. September 1 was ushered in with more tornadoes from Isaac as the tornados hit Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois. Large areas of wind damage from Isaac spread eastward into the Mid-Atlantic region. Another pocket of severe weather setup in the West brining a few tornadoes to Idaho and hail and damaging winds to the region. Yesterday, the severe weather consisted of damaging winds and it extended from Mississippi northeastward into the Mid-Atlantic region.

Big Story Weather Outlook for September 3: The remains of a Isaac are now taking on frontal features as it continues its famous slow journey across the Midwest into the Mid-Atlantic. The region will be hampered with rain and cooler temps in places like New York where the high will hit 75. Partly Cloudy skies with isolated thunderstorms will encompass the Southeast today. However, places like Atlanta will escape with just partly cloudy skies and temps in the upper 70´s. The Southern Plains will have areas of thunderstorms spreading from Kansas into Oklahoma, while Northern Texas should be partly cloudy for places like Dallas where high temps will hit the lower 90´s. High pressure in the Rockies will bring partly cloudy skies to the northern plains such as places like the Twin Cities where temps will hit the upper 70´s. However, upslope precipitation will settle in over Denver later today bringing a chance for some showers as temps hit the upper 70´s.

Big Story Weather International Outlook: A frontal boundary extending over Japan will bring showers to the region, while partly cloudy skies will prevail for the Korea´s and also Eastern China. The monsoonal trough will be stronger today over the Southeast portion of Asia bringing with it very heavy rain to places like India and Southern China. Low pressure over Western Europe will bring heavy rain to places like Spain and France, while another area of low pressure moves in over England bringing very strong winds and heavy rain to the area. High pressure will impact the southern tip of South America bringing very nice winter conditions to the region. An area of low pressure will bring rain and very strong winds to Western Australia, while Eastern Australia will enjoy one more day of high pressure before the low moves into the area.

Big Story Weather Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Kirk is headed towards England this morning. In the wake of Kirk we have Leslie which is forecasted to hit Hurricane strength soon as winds are currently around 50kts with pressure of 998mb. Another area of low pressure is moving off the coast of Africa and will need to be watched for potential development.

Eastern Pacific Basin: TD Ileana is tracking off the Baja of Mexico and is slowly weakening as winds re near 25kts with a pressure of 1008mb. Again this storm will remain over open waters impacting just marine interests in the area with high seas and strong winds. Newly formed Tropical Depression 10 will continue to track slowly westward and becoming a tropical storm later today as winds are around 30kts with a pressure of 1001mb.

Western Pacific Basin: No storms in the area today.

Climate Watch for the period of August 29- September 2: A late summer heat wave is stretching across a good section of the country as temps are running a good 5-12 degrees above normal for many places.

New York NY: Started the period about 2 degrees below normal followed by a warming trend of 4-12 degrees above normal and then a day near average to finish out the period.

Atlanta GA: Cooler weather associated with Isaac started the period with temps about 1-7 degrees below normal followed by a warming trend as temps are now running 3-5 degrees above normal.

Dallas TX: The entire period has been dominated by a warming trend as temps started 2 degrees above normal and just kept rising to now 6-7 degrees above normal.

Twin Cities MN: Hot is the best word to describe this area as temps have been running 8-15 degrees above normal the entire period above.

Denver CO: Another hot area as temps here have been running 8-12 degrees above normal for this time of the year.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for Sep 3, 2012:

Day 1-3: The frontal boundary post-Isaac will stretch across a good portion of the US from the Mid-Atlantic southward into the Gulf Coast region again.

Day 4-7: A possible new low will form over the Florida Panhandle from the stationary boundary but will probably be non-tropical. A strong low pressure will also develop over the Southern Plains bringing a chance for some severe weather to the region.

Day 8-12: A strong area of high pressure will slide in from Canada over the Northern 2/3 of the United States from the Rockies eastward into the Midwest, while a low pressure is still impacting the Texas and Oklahoma region and another low is moving up the Northeast.

Day 13-15: High pressure will move into the Midwest bringing tranquil weather to the region, while that area of Low pressure will move into the New York area and Northeast.