September 5, 2012

Hurricane Isaac As Seen From The Mississippi Gulf Coast

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

This past week, as most of the country found out through some sort of email or television coverage about the arrival of Hurricane Isaac and the impact it had along the Gulf Coast, Meteorologist Joshua Kelly was actually embedded in the storm and was able to capture some great video along with images from the storm. Here is a summary of how things happened through the time frame of Isaac.

Two days prior to the arrival of Isaac, Joshua Kelly did some live coverage of the arriving storm surge and high swells in the Mississippi Sound just near the beaches of Biloxi Mississippi.

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Later that day Kelly was able to obtain some images showing the surge arriving along Highway 90 in the Biloxi Mississippi area.

Also, during the afternoon portion of the day, he was able to capture some real-time wind data using a sophisticated hand held weather station known as the SKYMASTER which obtains wind speeds, temperatures, pressure and various other elements of the weather. At the 2pm weather observation on August 27, 2012 he was able to record a wind speed of 10mph gusting to 23mph well in advance of the storm as it sat south of the Biloxi area.

August 28, 2012 brought more excitement to the chase as Isaac continued its ever slow approach to the area. Seeing that the Mississippi Gulf Coast was going to be in the right front quadrant of the storm he was able to get out and start recording more weather information along with getting more images.

Ocean Springs Mississippi Front Beach

During the afternoon hours using the hand held weather station from Fort Bayou in Ocean Springs Mississippi he recorded a wind gust approaching 67mph along with tree branches starting to line the streets of the local area. Also during this time the storm surge continued to rise as seen in the image below.

Park near Fort Bayou Ocean Springs Mississippi

During the late afternoon as the storm continued to bring the right front quadrant closer to the Mississippi Gulf Coast he was able to get another live video recording of just how bad it was getting in the area.

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As August 29, 2012 started the overnight hours leading up to the day provided the Mississippi Gulf Coast with some of its worst conditions as now the tornado reports were starting to come in along with storm surge and strong winds. Below is an image of a piece of fence that was torn down by the combination of strong winds and the possible tornado touchdown near Ocean Springs Mississippi.

Possible Tornado or Strong Wind Damage near Fort Bayou Ocean Springs MS.

During the morning hours another round was made to see some of the damage created by the high tide storm surge around the Ocean Springs Mississippi area. As you can see in the image below many things were starting to head under water.

Picnic area near Fort Bayou Ocean Springs Mississippi

Another weather observation was recorded during this time as well and it provided him with a wind gust of 50mph which also continued to add to the tree damage around the local area.