The Gulls Gotta Go ‘GullCat’: Newly Invented Bird Deterrent

September 14, 2012

Lifelong boater Bob Alves creates life-like predator to keep birds away.

Marblehead, MA (PRWEB) September 14, 2012

Gulls and other birds might provide the perfect photo-op for vacationers, but for boat owners there is no romance in the slippery refuse they leave behind. It´s no fun spending hours cleaning bird residue off your boat or dock before shoving-off. Bob Alves, founder of “Gulls Gotta Go”, created a solution to this problem based on his lifetime experience on the water.

“I grew up in Gloucester, MA and owned a boat most of my life,” he says. “One of the biggest challenges I´ve had as a boat owner is bird S#%^. I´ve never been satisficed with what´s on the market, so I decided to create my own pragmatic solution.”

The inspiration for the GullCat was John Alexander, owner of Beacon Marine Basin in Gloucester, the marina Alves worked at in his youth. “Mr. Alexander always put out cat food to attract stray cats to frighten the birds. It worked like a charm.” The success of that strategy led Alves to create a life-like predator that acts like a cat ready to pounce. The GullCat has glass ambient eyes staring skyward – its mouth is open-wide with fangs beared. The key is the springs in the neck and furry tail; they create a sense of movement simulating a live predator.

“Best of all, no batteries. The head and tail look life-like due to the energy from the wind, waves or both. Our tests proved we can deter birds from your dock up to 50 feet. But it´s not just for boaters.” says Alves, “With the slightest breeze it works on patios, porches and pools.” At first Alves created the GullCat for his own boat and dock but soon others noticed the results and asked him to make one for them. The product worked so well a number the other owners decided to become investors in the newly-formed company, “Gulls Gotta Go”. The company is based in Marblehead, MA and purposely decided to have the product manufactured in the USA.

The GullCat is weather-proof and UV resistant. It´s weighted by a common water bottle that slips inside a flap on the top. It also has pads on the underbelly and tether points. Get ready to have your bird problems disappear. The GullCat is available and retails for $85. For more information, visit http://www.gullsgottago.com.

Watch a video about Gulls Gotta Go here

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