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September 21, 2012

Big Story Weather – September 21, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from September 20: The cold air is settling in over a good portion of the Northern Plains and also the Great Lakes region as many places again last night dealt with frost and freezing conditions. There were a few wind damage reports that came in from Southeast Georgia and the Northeast portion of Florida. Also yesterday there were reports of hail in Missouri, other than that a fairly quiet severe weather day.

Weather Outlook September 21: An upper level trough will move through the Mid-Mississippi Valley today bringing with it the chance for a few strong thunderstorms. The stationary boundary over South Florida again will bring thunderstorms to places like Miami. High pressure out west will make for a nice day on the Plains, however a warm day out into the Western US. A few select city forecasts available below.

Buffalo: Few Thunderstorms 74F  Atlanta: P/C  84F   Topeka: P/C  81F   Billings: P/C  83F   Los Angeles: P/C  94F

International Outlook: Stationary boundary will be sitting over Eastern China and will extend eastward into Japan and portions of South Korea. This will bring mostly cloudy skies to the region. The monsoonal rains will be strong over India and Pakistan again today, while tropical moisture will also be impacting the Philippines associated with the tropical storm. Eastern Europe and portions of Western Europe will enjoy a nice day with partly cloudy skies, while Spain and England will be dealing with a few lingering showers. The southern portion of South America looks to be nice today with high pressure influencing the weather. High pressure will also control the weather over Australia today bringing a very nice and cool day to the region.

Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Storm Nadine is a bit stronger this morning with winds now near 55kts and a pressure of 981mb, another area is beginning to take shape just north of Bermuda with winds around 35kts and a pressure of 1006mb. This could become a Sub-Tropical feature later today.

Northern Pacific: A very potent low pressure system is moving into the Gulf of Alaska producing widespread heavy rains, gale to storm force winds and also very high seas.

Eastern Pacific: An area of development is near the coast of Mexico and has winds around 25kts along with an estimated pressure of 1006mb. This feature will strengthen and could become a tropical storm over the weekend.

Western Pacific: Tropical Storm Jelawat has formed of the coast of the Philippines and is forecasted to track slowly northward. Winds are estimated around 35kts with a pressure of 996mb.

ENSO Watch: We still remain in normal phase, but the waters continue to show a favorable development of El-Nino soon.

Five Day Storm Outlook for September 21-25:

A quiet weather pattern across the United States will lead to very few storms across the country.

Buffalo NY: There is a slight chance of a few strong storms over the next few days as a frontal boundary moves across the region, mostly rain showers will occur.

Atlanta GA: High pressure will make for it to be a week of no storm impacts.

Topeka KS: It will be warm, however no storms are expected in the region.

Billings MT: Looking at a quiet week with no major storm impacts forecasted.

Los Angeles CA: The region will be warm but also dry leaving the area with no impacts.

Climate Watch for the period of September 16-20:

Buffalo NY: A cool start to the period, followed by a warmer day on the 17th as temps were 4 degrees above, then it cooled back down by the 19th temps were 10 degrees below, now back on a warming trend.

Atlanta GA: A warm start to the period as temps were 1-4 degrees above average, followed by a cool down of temps now 0-3 degrees below average.

Topeka KS: Started the period cool with temps about 5 below, followed by a brief warming of 1 above and then back to about 8 below by the 18th and now slowly warming back up.

Billings MT: A cool start to the period with temps about 1-3 degrees below average, then a warming trend as temps are about 4-17 degrees above average.

Los Angeles CA: Temps have been warm overall through the period with the exception being on the 18th when temps dropped to about 1-2 degrees below average.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for September 21, 2012:

Day 1-3: The clipper system is moving through the north today bringing a few showers to the region. Also a upper level trough is moving through the Missouri region bringing a few storms. Otherwise the frontal boundary over South Florida is creating a few storms and high pressure is dominating the West. A very strong area of high pressure is moving in over the Northern Plains and will bring some of the coldest air of the season.

Day 4-7: A low pressure system begins to form over Southern Oklahoma and transit slowly northeastward.

Day 8-12: A very warm and moist environment will set up over the Southwest by this time period leading to some heavy rains from Arizona into portions of Texas.

Day 13-15: A strong frontal boundary will again impact Alaska bringing more heavy rains and strong winds to the area. We will also be watching a developing storm system over the Northern Rockies which may bring the first snow of the season to the mountains.

Today's Spotlight City Forecast is for Dallas Texas:

Today: Partly Cloudy and warm with high temps near 92F and light southwesterly winds around 8mph. The overnight lows will drop into the mid 60´s.

Saturday: Partly Cloudy and hot with high temps near 95F, heat index values could pass the 100 range. The winds will be from the Southeast at 5mph and overnight lows will be around 66F.

Sunday: Another warm day in store as high temps reach the lower 90´s under partly cloudy skies and Southeast winds near 8mph. The overnight lows will drop into the lower 70´s.

Monday: Warm again with partly cloudy skies and a high near 93F. Winds will be from the Southwest around 13mph with overnight lows dropping into the upper 60´s.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy and warm again with high temps near 93F. Winds will be strong out of the Southwest around 15mph and overnight lows will hit the upper 60´s.

Ask The Weatherman for September 21:

Question: Why are some clouds bright white and other clouds dark gray?

Answer: What a question! Most clouds are white in appearance with the exception being clouds that contain precipitation. For example, a cumulus cloud is white, but it has no rain in it. Cumulus-nimbus clouds have a very dark base and the reason is that they are filled with moisture ready to fall from the sky.

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Green Energy Weather Report for September 21:

*NEW* Our Green Weather Report will help you monitor the conditions of your new Green Energy sources and how their production will handle today´s weather conditions.

Wave Energy: The best source of wave energy today is going to be along the Pacific Northwest as that low pressure keeps kicking waves over from the Gulf of Alaska. Also there may be a period of higher waves for consumption along the Northeast coastline.

Solar Energy: The Southeast and Gulf Coast will be a great place to find some solar energy today as skies will remain partly cloudy. Also the Southwest may have a period of favorable solar conditions.

Wind Energy: The back side of the frontal boundary will be a good place to catch some stronger Northwesterly winds. Also, back in the Western South Dakota and Nebraska, the interaction between the two weather systems will generate some extra winds for the region.