Marriage Sherpa Offers Tips on How to Recognize Signs of Affection

September 21, 2012

Marriage Sherpa offers tips on how you can recognize if your partner is showing signs of affection.

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) September 21, 2012

Leading marital advice website Marriage Sherpa offers tips on how couples can show their love to their partners. The list includes asking about expectations and explains to their other half the specific ways they express love.

Each person has a unique way of expressing love and affection, says Marriage Sherpa. “Your spouse has his or her own special brand of expressing the same back to you,” the site explains.

Marriage Sherpa conducted research involving married couples, and the results showed that men and women indeed express love differently.

“The more a man loved his wife, the more likely he was to be affectionate, more likely to involve them in their leisure activities and chores around the house, and the more likely they were to initiate sex,” reveals Marriage Sherpa.

The website continues: “Women, on the other hand, were less likely to initiate sex the more they loved their husband. The lead researcher interpreted this to mean that a woman was more likely to initiate sex if she felt unloved.”

Given the difference, it´s easy for couples not to realize the efforts of their partners, explains the website.

One tip offered by the website is for you to ask your spouse about their expectations and how they show affection to you. Then, go out of your comfort zone to express your love in the way your spouse expects you to.

Marriage Sherpa also advises that you “point out to your spouse the things you say and do as your way of expressing love.”


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