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September 24, 2012

Big Story Weather – September 24, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from September 21-23: The cold air of old man winter arrived in places like North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. Many of these places enjoyed the cold record setting air over the weekend as temps dropped into the 20´s. Also the Northern part of Minnesota got a tease of snow with upwards to 1 inch. The west dealt with the heat as many places in California had temps soar into the 90´s and even 100´s. On Friday an area of strong winds and hail moved through the Ohio River Valley. On Saturday that area shifted towards the east into parts of New York state.

Weather Outlook for September 24:
High pressure over the Southeast will bring nice conditions to the East Coast and the Gulf Coast. A stationary boundary over Southern Florida will bring thunderstorms in this region. High pressure out west will bring nice conditions to the western portion of the United States. Below is the weather for a few select cities weather:

Baltimore MD:   P/C  68F | Gulfport MS: P/C 88F | Dallas TX: P/C 93F | Fargo ND: P/C 73F | Seattle WA: P/C 74F

International Outlook: A frontal boundary extending through Japan will bring showers and thunderstorms to Tokyo and places westward back in the Korea´s. The monsoonal rains will continue over Pakistan and India, while High pressure will begin to build in over the Tibetan Plateau. High pressure over the Middle East will bring partly cloudy skies to the region. A strong low pressure center beginning to approach the coast of Spain will bring showers to the majority of Western Europe and also northward into England. High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to Eastern Australia, while low pressure will bring showers into Western Australia.

Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Storm Nadine continues to impact the Azores and Western Europe with heavy rain and stronger winds. Estimated pressure is near 991mb with winds around 45kts.

Northern Pacific: Another strong low pressure system is moving into the Gulf of Alaska bringing heavy rains, strong winds and high waves to the region.

Eastern Pacific: Hurricane Miriam is packing a strong punch this morning as it continues to  track towards the Baja with winds around 90kts and a pressure of 971mb. This system is forecasted to move towards the Baja and possibly impact the southwestern part of the United States later on.

Western Pacific: Super Typhoon Jelawat continues to impact the Philippines with winds in excess of 125kts and a pressure of 929mb. This system will slowly drift northward towards Taiwan and then again possibly towards Okinawa. Also Tropical Depression 19W formed to the east of the Philippines and this area will slowly develop and continue tracking northward towards Iwo To. Winds are estimated around 25kts and pressure of 1004mb.

ENSO Watch: Conditions are still favorable for the development of El-Nino within the next few weeks.

Five Day Storm Index Outlook:

Baltimore MD: A fairly quiet week ahead with a chance of seeing some thunderstorms on the 26th with it being a slight chance of having impacts.

Gulfport MS: A very nice week ahead with the 28th providing some thunderstorms as there is the chance of seeing moderate impacts during that time period.

Dallas TX: A very dry and warm week ahead will keep the area in the no impact zone.

Fargo ND: High pressure moving through the area will keep it fairly quiet. No impacts forecasted through the week.

Seattle WA: A cooler and drier air mass will be in place allowing for the region to have no impacts for the week.

Climate Watch for the period of September 19-23:

Baltimore MD: Started the period out with temps about 3-6 degrees below average followed by a brief warming with temps rising to 5-8 degrees above average and then on the 23rd temps returned to 6 below average.

Gulfport MS: Temps have been running about 3-5 degrees below average for the first part of the period, followed by a slow warming with temps by the 23rd running about 5 degrees above average.

Dallas TX: Has been seeing temps running about 2-12 degrees above average the entire 5 day period.

Fargo ND: The area has been dealing with temps about 2-10 degrees below average the entire period with the 21st being the only day near normal.

Seattle WA: The 19th temps were about 5 degrees above average, followed by a cooling trend with temps now averaging about 2-8 degrees below.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for September 24, 2012:

Day 1-3: A very cold, dry air mass from Canada will bring frost and freeze conditions to the Ohio River Valley and then pushing into the Northeast. A developing low over the Southwest will slowly move out into the Southern Plains bringing with it showers and thunderstorms.

Day 4-7: A broad area of low pressure will work its way up the East Coast bringing with it showers and thunderstorms. Hurricane Miriam will be making landfall in the Baja, slowly drifting towards Arizona.

Day 8-12: Low pressure over Maine will bring heavy rain to the region and colder temps. High pressure will build back in over the Rockies bringing warmer weather to the west again.

Day 13-15: A 1034mb high will move down out of Canada towards the Northern Plains, and also a low pressure system will begin to develop off the coast of Texas and works its way towards the Northern Gulf Coast bringing heavy rain to the region.

Today's Spotlight City Forecast is for Singapore:

Tuesday: Partly Cloudy with brief periods of thunderstorms during the early morning and evening hours. High temps will be around 32C, while overnight lows will be around 27C.

Wednesday: Partly Cloudy with brief periods of thunderstorms during the early morning and evening hours. High temps will be around 32C, while overnight lows will be near 27C.

Thursday: Partly Cloudy with brief periods of thunderstorms during the early morning and evening hours. High temps will be near 31C with overnight lows dropping to around 27C.

Friday: Partly Cloudy with periods of thunderstorms during the early morning and evening hours. High temps will be near 31C, while overnight lows will be around 28C.

Saturday: Partly Cloudy with periods of thunderstorms during the early morning and evening hours. High temps will be back to 32C and low temps will be around 28C.

Ask The Weatherman for September 24:

Question: Why do some clouds look like animals and other clouds don´t?

The funny thing behind cloud formation is that many things come in to play to make clouds appear the way they do. For example, cumulus clouds are shaped by the moisture that is present in them along with winds that are stronger in some places and weaker in others. Also the higher clouds are really shaped by the winds and that is what creates the swirls that you see in the high cirrus clouds.

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Green Energy Weather Report for September 24:

*NEW* Our Green Weather Report will help you monitor the conditions of your new Green Energy sources and how their production will handle today´s weather conditions.

Wave Energy: The Pacific Northwest will again have a good amount of wave action leading to the best spot of the day for wave energy.

Solar Energy: The Northern Plains, the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast along with the Gulf Coast will be all great places to generate solar energy today.

Wind Energy: The best place for today´s wind energy will be found along the Southeast Great Lakes near Cleveland Ohio and Erie PA.

Hydro-Energy: There is a good chance to see some moderate rainfall in the Colorado region which will help fuel the basins in the Colorado River area.