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September 25, 2012

Big Story Weather – September 25, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from September 24: Another cold evening occurred this time from the Midwest eastward into the Northeast as the area of high pressure continued to make its way eastward.  There was no major severe weather from yesterday as most of the nation was dry or cold. The only place that did see rain showers was South Florida along the stationary boundary.

Weather Outlook for September 25: High pressure will shift off the East Coast bringing with it a light southerly wind across much of the East. The stationary boundary will be in place over Southern Florida again bringing showers and thunderstorms to places like Miami. A new developing low will begin to take shape over Western Texas and Oklahoma. There will be a lack of moisture with it at first, however, a few showers may develop along the northern part of the warm front. A pretty tranquil day across the majority of the West. Here is the forecast for a few select cities:

New York NY:   P/C  71F | Atlanta GA: P/C 84F | Houston TX: P/C 90F | Sioux Falls SD: P/C  73F | Los Angeles CA: P/C  80F

International Outlook: High pressure will bring a nice day to Japan and portions of the Korea´s along with Eastern China. Tropical moisture will again impact the Philippines with the Typhoon located just east of the area. High pressure over the Tibetan plateau will start to decrease the monsoonal moisture over Southeast Asia. Low pressure over Spain will bring heavy rain and storms to Eastern Europe and also England. High pressure will bring fair weather conditions to the tip of South America, while high pressure will also bring a nice day over Eastern Australia. However, an approaching low pressure will bring a chance for showers to Southwest Australia. Light snow will be found near McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Storm Nadine is still hanging in strong over the Eastern Atlantic with winds near 40kts and a pressure of 996mb. This storm is drifting very slowly.

Eastern Pacific: Hurricane Miriam now has winds of 90kts and a pressure of 968mb and continues to track northward towards the Baja. It is expected to make landfall over the Baja. The moisture from the storm will make it into the Southwest part of the United States later this week.

Western Pacific: Super Typhoon Jelawat continues to impact the Philippines with winds in excess of 140kts and a pressure of 918mb. This system will slowly drift northward towards Taiwan and then again possibly towards Okinawa. This morning Tropical Storm Ewiniar has formed with winds around 40kts and a pressure of 993mb. This storm will also track towards the north and should remain east of mainland Japan.

ENSO Watch: Conditions are still favorable for the development of El-Nino within the next few weeks.

Five Day Storm Index Outlook:

New York NY: Today will be quiet, however a very good chance of seeing moderate impacts for the 26th due to thunderstorms along a frontal boundary and then the 27th is good again, followed by two slight days of impacts.

Atlanta GA: The next five days look to be influenced by high pressure keeping everything quite. No major impacts forecasted.

Houston TX: The 25th-27th look to be dominated by high pressure, however a low pressure will begin to move through the area by the 28th bringing a slight chance for impacts to the region.

Sioux Falls SD: No impacts forecasted this week as temps will remain cool and high pressure will keep things fairly dry.

Los Angeles CA: A warm and dry week ahead - no major impacts expected this week.

Climate Watch for the period of September 20-24:

New York NY: Temps started out about 1-5 degrees below average, followed by a small warm up on the 22nd were temps hit 3 degrees above, however temps quickly returned to 5 degrees below average.

Atlanta GA: Temps started out 2 degrees below average, but warmed to 4-7 degrees above average for the 21st and 22nd and then dropped to 1 degree above, followed by 2 degrees below.

Houston TX: A fairly quiet start to the week with temps about at average to slightly above, followed by three days of temps 3-4 degrees above average.

Sioux Falls SD: Temps have been on a roller coaster ride starting about 4 degrees below, followed by an average day and then back to 4-11 degrees below and then on the 24th temps were about 11 degrees above average.

Los Angeles CA: A warm past few days as temps have been about 4-10 degrees above average. There was one day where temps fell about 9 degrees below average, but quickly have returned to above average.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for September 25, 2012:

Day 1-3: The new developing low over Oklahoma will slowly push eastward bringing an increase in precipitation over the Arkansas and Tennessee area. Also Hurricane Miriam will begin approaching the Baja.

Day 4-7: High pressure will build in over the West, while the remains of Miriam will push into Southern Texas. Precipitation will also begin to increase over the Gulf Coast region as return flow sets up.

Day 8-12: Interaction between a low sitting in the Rockies and a 1040mb high will create very strong winds over Montana and portions of Wyoming during this time period along with the potential of seeing rain and snow in Montana.

Day 13-15: Strong high pressure will push through the Great Lakes. There will be a large area of precipitation that develops on the west side of this high which could include some rain and snow for the Dakotas and into Minnesota. Another area of low pressure will be forming to the east of Florida and will begin to work its way northward. There could also be an area of snow that develops over the Cascades during this time period.

Today's Spotlight City Forecast is for Portland Oregon:

Tuesday: Partly Cloudy and mild with high temps near 73F, light northwest winds around 5mph. Overnight look for the light winds to continue and the low temps around 44F.

Wednesday: Partly Cloudy and warmer with high temps near 78F. The winds will be Northwesterly around 5mph with overnight lows around 47F.

Thursday: Another partly cloudy day with warmer temps around 84F. The winds will be light out of the Northwest around 6mph, with overnight lows around 52F.

Friday: Partly  Cloudy and mild with high temps near 82F, winds will be from the Northwest around 7mph along with overnight lows around 55F.

Saturday: Partly Cloudy and cooler with high temps near 78F, winds will again be light out of the Northwest around 5mph with an overnight low near 50F.

Ask The Weatherman for September 25:

Question: Is it possible to have water freeze in the air?

Answer: Great question! To answer this question we need to look at the air temp. It´s very important that the temperature be well below freezing which is 32F. The best temp to see this occur is zero degrees or below. I personally did this as a kid and the temp was below 0F. So yes it´s possible.

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Green Energy Weather Report for September 25:

*NEW* Our Green Weather Report will help you monitor the conditions of your new Green Energy sources and how their production will handle today´s weather conditions.

Wave Energy: The west coast of California will be the best place today, due to some gradient flow of the approaching hurricane from the south.

Solar Energy: The sun will be in plentiful for the Northern Plains and also the Gulf Coast region and the Southwest will have an abundance of solar energy today.

Wind Energy: The best place of seeing good winds today will be from Chicago eastward across Lake Michigan and into Southern Michigan.

Hydro-Energy: The new developing low over Oklahoma will bring some scattered showers by this evening to portions of the Mississippi River basin in Southeast Missouri.