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September 26, 2012

Big Story Weather – September 26, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from September 25: A big day in the severe weather arena as our frontal boundary gained a lot more strength than I thought it would and was responsible for tornadoes in and around Indiana. There were multiple reports of large hail from Indiana westward through Missouri and southward back into the Southern Plains from Kansas to Texas. We also saw a lot of wind damage reports in the same area yesterday. The rainfall rates were heavy enough that a few places even had to deal with flash flooding on top of all the severe weather.

Weather Outlook September 26: Stationary boundary and an associated low pressure will bring heavy rain, thunderstorms and severe weather from Texas eastward towards the Ohio River Valley and overnight into the Northeast. High pressure will bring another nice day to the Northern Plains and westward into the Rockies and also the West Coast. Here is the weather for a few select cities:

Boston MA: P/C (Evening storms) 75F | Tampa FL: P/C (storms) 88F | Memphis TN: T/S 85F | Billings MT: P/C 77F | Las Vegas NV: P/C 83F

International Outlook: A tropical storm will bring increased rain towards mainland Japan today, while it will remain mostly cloudy for the Korea´s. High pressure over the Tibetan Plateau will bring partly cloudy skies to the region and also decrease the monsoonal rains for Southeast Asia. Low pressure moving over Eastern Europe will make for a rainy and cool day in this region from Germany westward into France. England will be in the middle of high pressure and the area of low pressure resulting in a mostly cloudy day. High pressure will bring a nice day to the southern portion of South America. Low pressure south of Australia and the associated cold front will bring some scattered showers to the Southern portion of Australia.

Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Storm Nadine still hanging in strong out over the Eastern Atlantic with winds near 40kts and a pressure of 998mb. This storm is drifting very slowly.

Eastern Pacific: Miriam has been downgraded to a Tropical storm as it continues to head over colder waters this morning pressure is around 990mb with winds at 60kts. This storm will continue to slowly drift northward and eventually over the Baja.

Western Pacific: Super Typhoon Jelawat continues to impact the Philippines with winds in excess of 135kts and a pressure of 922mb. This system will slowly drift northward towards Japan and may impact the central part of Japan over the next few days. Tropical Storm Ewiniar continues moving just north of Iwo To and is headed to the east of Tokyo, however it will bring stronger winds and higher surf to the east coast of Japan along with some passing showers.

ENSO Watch: Conditions are still favorable for the development of El-Nino within the next few weeks.

Five Day Storm Index Outlook:

Boston MA: This evening showers/storms will begin to make their way into the area expect to see a slight impact today through the next couple of days.

Tampa FL: There will be a slight chance of impacts today, however a moderate chance of impacts as storms begin to increase in coverage during the afternoon hours for the remainder of the days.

Memphis TN: The frontal boundary will be near the area today bringing a moderate chance of storms and impacts, followed by three days of seeing more slight impacts as the boundary slowly drifts away from the area.

Billings MT: A tranquil week of warmer conditions and also drier weather will leave no impacts on the area.

Las Vegas NV: A great week to head out to Vegas as they will be warm and dry for the most part of the next five days.

Climate Watch for the period of September 21-25.

Boston MA: Started the period about 3-8 degrees below average, then the 23rd went about 1 degree above average followed by another 3 degree drop and then the 25th were back up 4 degrees.

Tampa FL: Started the period about 1 degree below average and then followed with two days of 3 degrees above average and then fell back to around 3 degrees below average.

Memphis TN: Average to slightly above average followed by a cooling trend with temps about 6-8 degrees below average and then the 25th temps rebounded to about 6 degrees above average.

Billings MT: A very warm period of temps as they have seen anywhere from 8-12 degrees above average the entire 5 day period.

Las Vegas NV: Temps have also been warm with them ranging anywhere from 3-7 degrees above average, now the 25th temps fell about 1 degree below average for the first time in a while.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for September 26, 2012:

Day 1-3: The frontal boundary and associated low pressure moving through the Southern Plains and Ohio River Valley and then towards the Northeast will be the big impact for the day with severe weather possible in these regions.

Day 4-7: The associated low will finally begin to push off the East Coast and the trailing frontal boundary will be in the Gulf Coast region bringing with it showers and storms to the region. The majority of the region will enjoy high pressure for the remainder of this forecast period.

Day 8-12: A very strong 1044mb high and a weak frontal boundary will begin to move into the Northern Plains section providing the region a chance to see some snowflakes along with colder weather. Another developing low will start to take shape of the coast of Florida and begin making its way up the coast.

Day 13-15: The strong high pressure will continue to ridge into the Plains and slowly start pushing eastward. Ahead of it a new low will begin to develop and this low will have plenty of showers and storms with it and also the potential to see some wrap around snowflakes in the Northern Michigan area.

Today's Spotlight City Forecast is for Gulfport MS:

Wednesday: Partly Cloudy and mild with high temps in the mid 80´s. Winds will be light from the Southeast around 7mph with an overnight low of 73F.

Thursday: Partly Cloudy and warmer with a high near 87F along with light Southeast winds near 7mph and overnight lows around 71F.

Friday: Partly Cloudy most of the day and a chance to see evening thunderstorms is about 40%. The high temp for the day will be around 87F, while the overnight lows will hit 70F. Winds will be from the Southeast around 7mph.

Saturday: Cloudy with thunderstorms, some heavy rain is possible. Look for high temps to be around 80F and overnight lows will drop to around 66F. Winds will be around 5mph from the Southeast but shift towards the afternoon to be Northeast around 5mph.

Sunday: A very nice day in store with partly cloudy skies and high temps in the mid 80´s along with overnight lows dropping to the mid 60´s.

Ask The Weatherman for September 26:

Question: What is storm surge?

Answer: Today´s question comes from Hurricane land. When we hear the word storm surge we think of hurricanes. Storm surge is the rapid rise in water above normal levels. This happened during Hurricane Katrina when the Mississippi Gulf Coast saw the waters rise to 24ft or higher in some places. That rapid rise of water is called storm surge. Storm surge is created by intense winds that blow onshore for long periods of time.

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Green Energy Weather Report for September 26:

Wave Energy: The tropical storm to the south near the Baja will again provide good waves towards Southern California making it a good day for wave energy.

Solar Energy: The Pacific Northwest will see plenty of sunshine today along with the Northern Plains and even the Carolina´s will be the best three spots for solar energy today.

Wind Energy: Near the Great Lakes will be the best area for seeing some stronger winds to generate the wind power today.

Hydro-Energy: The low pressure and frontal boundary moving through the Southern Mississippi River Valley will provide the river with a great increase in water from Southern Missouri into Northern Mississippi including the Memphis area.