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September 27, 2012

Big Story Weather – September 27, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from September 26:
Another severe weather day from the Texas Panhandle all the way northeastward into the Ohio River Valley and parts of the Mid-Atlantic. These areas dealt with strong winds, damaging hail and heavy flooding rains. Also the cool weather was in place over the Northern Plains yesterday morning.

Weather Outlook for September 27:
Stationary boundary and the associated low will again create a severe weather setup from the Mid-Atlantic back westward into Texas look for strong winds, large hail as the primary threats. High pressure will be shifting in over the Great Lakes bringing cooler weather to that region and the west will see yet another dry and warm day. Let´s take a look at the weather for a few select cities:

Baltimore MD: P/C (storms) 76F | Mobile AL: P/C 80F | Kansas City: P/C 66F | Denver CO: P/C 64F | San Diego CA: P/C 70F

International Outlook: Tropical moisture will be abundant in the Tokyo Metro area and also along a good portion of the East Coast of Japan. A frontal boundary will begin to move across the Korea´s and Eastern China bringing with it a chance of showers. High pressure over Eastern Europe will provide some relief to Western Europe bringing partly cloudy skies from east to west across the region. England will be dealing with more clouds and showers today. High pressure will be impacting the majority of the Southern portion of South America with partly cloudy skies. Transition between the low to the south and an area of High pressure to the west will bring partly cloudy skies to the majority of Australia.

Tropical Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Storm Nadine still hanging in strong and showed signs of strengthening. Winds are near 45kts with a drop in pressure to 993mb.

Eastern Pacific: Miriam has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it continues to head over colder waters this morning. Pressure is around 997mb with winds at 45kts. This storm will continue to slowly drift northward and eventually over the Baja. A new area of development has begun to show interest just off the coast of Mexico and does have the potential to develop towards the weekend into another tropical system. Winds are around 25kts with a pressure of 1007mb.

Western Pacific: Super Typhoon Jelawat continues to impact the Philippines with winds in excess of 135kts and a pressure of 922mb. This system will slowly drift northward and have a direct impact in the Okinawa region again with very strong winds. After that it will slowly push northward towards the Kanto Region of Japan. Tropical Storm Ewiniar continues to move slowly northward and is directly south of Tokyo Japan at this time with winds near 55kts and a pressure of 982mb.

ENSO Watch: Conditions are still favorable for the development of El-Nino within the next few weeks.

Five Day Storm Index Outlook:

Baltimore MD: Strong storms are moving in over the next few days having a moderate impact over the 27th and 28th. The 29th will drop to a slight chance, followed by a clearing trend on the 30th and 1st.

Mobile AL: Look for a slight chance of storms to occur between the 28-30th having some impacts.

Kansas City MO: A quiet week in store for the region, this will leave it the area with no impacts.

Denver CO: There is a slight chance of impacting storms today, followed by 4 days of tranquil weather.

San Diego CA: A warm and dry week, this will leave no impacts on weather.

Climate Watch for the Period of September 22-26:

Baltimore MD: Started the 22nd warmer by about 8 degrees, then the next two days temps were about 6-7 degrees below average. The 25th and 26th temps have been about 1-8 degrees above average.

Mobile AL: The 22-23 temps were running about 3-5 degrees above average, while the 24th temps fell below average and are now returning to above average.

Kansas City MO: Temps have been 7-9 degrees below average, followed by a slow warming period of temps 1-6 degrees above average and then the 26th temps fell 1 below average again.

Denver CO: Temps have been 5-13 degrees above average followed by a cool down with temps now running about 2-7 degrees below average.

San Diego CA: Temps were running 5-15 degrees above average, followed by a cooling trend and temps are now running around average.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for September 27, 2012:

Day 1-3: The frontal boundary and associated low pressure moving through the Southern Plains and Ohio River valley and then towards the Northeast will be the big impact for the day with severe weather possible in these regions.

Day 4-7: The associated low will finally begin to push off the East Coast and the trailing frontal boundary will be in the Gulf Coast region bringing with it showers and storms to the region. The majority of the region will enjoy high pressure for the remainder of this forecast period.

Day 8-12: Interaction between a strong high pressure moving in over Western Canada and a developing low pressure over the Rockies will provide a chance to see some wintry precipitation in the Northern Plains.

Day 13-15: The strong high pressure building in over the Northern Plains will provide some cooler temps. Also the developing low pressure system near Florida will bring an increase in moisture to the Northern Gulf Coast and also up the East Coast, along with another low pressure moving through the Great Lakes.

Today's Spotlight Forecast is for Guam:

Friday: Partly Cloudy with a few afternoon thunderstorms moving through the area. High temps will be near 87F, while overnight lows will drop to around 84F. Winds from the Northeast at 5-10mph.

Saturday: Partly Cloudy and another day with afternoon thunderstorms moving through the area with high temps in the upper 80´s along with winds from the Northeast around 8mph, look for overnight lows to be around 84F.

Sunday: Partly Cloudy again with a few passing afternoon thunderstorms, high temps near 86F, with overnight lows around 83F. The winds will be from the Southwest around 7mph.

Monday: Partly Cloudy with a few stronger areas of thunderstorms leading to the potential of heavier rain. High temps will be in the upper 80´s, with overnight lows in the lower 80´s. The big story will be the increase in the Southwesterly winds around 15-20mph.

Tuesday: More periods of showers and thunderstorms along with partly cloudy skies, winds will be around 12-17mph from the Southwest with high temps near 87F and overnight lows around 84F.

Ask The Weatherman for September 27:

Question: What side is the worst of the hurricane?

Answer: Every time you listen to a news report, they say that the right, front part of the storm is the worst to be in, but why? Here are a few things that occur. First of all, the winds are strongest in the storm in this area and also rapidly change directions quickly which leads to the increased chance of tornadic storms to form. Secondly, this portion of the storm is where all the water is being pushed up from the ocean on to the shore, these are just a few reasons why this right, front side of the storm is the danger zone.

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Green Energy Weather Report for September 27:

Wave Energy: The tropical storm to the south near the Baja will again provide good waves towards Southern California making it a good day for wave energy.

Solar Energy: The Southwest and the Northern Plains will provide a great region for solar energy on the day.

Wind Energy: Northern Maine will see gradient driven winds providing them with a good push of wind on the day.

Hydro-Energy: The frontal boundary sitting over the Tennessee River Valley will provide more rainfall to the region allowing more water to enter into the Mississippi River.