Revolution Laboratories Adds New Nutrition Tools Available Online

September 30, 2012

Revolution Laboratories, a young and fast-growing health nutrition company, has expanded their product line for health conscious individuals. Users will now have free access to nutrition tools that can help individuals to create a comprehensive workout, diet, and nutrition plan. These additions are an additional benefit combined with the full line of nutritional supplements and workout and diet guidelines offered by Revolution Laboratories.

Solana Beach, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2012

Revolution Laboratories (RevLabs) is a young and fast-growing company focused on helping people to optimize their health through workout programs, diet guides, and complete and balanced nutritional supplements. RevLabs previously released a full line of dietary supplements to provide active individuals with proper nutrition for high level workouts. Along with these products, President Terry Asher also released free e-books to assist active individuals with workout and diet plans.

New tools have also been added to the RevLabs website. These allow users to track features like their Body Mass Index (BMI), which can help individuals target a healthy weight. Tools are available to inform men and women of recommended intake levels for calories, protein, and water, and an activity calculator also helps how many calories are burned through various activities and at various intensity levels. These tools effectively show users what their targets should be, how many calories are being burned through their workouts, and what is necessary to replenish their bodies and keep a healthy diet in conjunction with their activities.

Since the foundation of RevLabs, the focus of the company has been to provide a thorough and comprehensive resource for active individuals. Often, health nutrition companies focus on only a few aspects or products that can be used to generate revenue. Terry Asher explains the difference with RevLabs, “Many supplements are available on the market. However, given my experience and knowledge, none of the available products I have seen and tried provided the complete balanced and all around nutrition required.” Beyond just offering a comprehensive line of supplements, Terry also believes in providing customers with all of the tools necessary to create a healthy lifestyle. The e-books written by Terry and the online tools available through RevLabs are free to all health conscious individuals looking for complete nutrition.

RevLabs was founded in 2012 by three avid athletes passionate about the health and fitness industry. The company´s slogan has always stayed very simplistic “Made by the fit for the fit” with the mission to revolutionize the science behind peak performance. Our exponential growth is a testament to both the effectiveness of our supplements and the quality of our customer service delivered by real people who understand our customers´ needs.

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