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October 16, 2012

Big Story Weather – October 16, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from October 15: The frontal boundary brought areas of heavy rain to places up and down the East Coast and a few strong wind reports. Overall it was a relatively tranquil front not causing a lot of severe weather as it pushed through the area. High pressure built in over the Southern Plains and Gulf Coast which brought cooler temps to the region. Also very strong northerly winds set up over the Northern Plains yesterday with some places seeing winds gusts in the 40-45mph range -- more of that today. The Pacific Northwest saw an increase in rainfall rates yesterday.

Weather Outlook for October 16: A few remaining showers will be found up in Maine, otherwise the rest of the East Coast will enjoy high pressure beginning to build into the area. High pressure will also influence the weather over the Gulf Coast and back into the Southern Plains. Gradient between the high pressure over the Rockies and the next approaching frontal boundary will bring some very strong winds to the Northern Plains as wind advisories have been issued for the region. High pressure will bring a nice day to the Colorado Rockies southward into the Southwest. A frontal boundary will move through the Pacific Northwest and into the Northern Rockies bringing rain showers to lower elevations and the possibility of snow mixing in at higher elevations. Below is the weather for a few select cities.

Buffalo NY: (Partly Cloudy: 50F) | Atlanta GA: (Partly Cloudy: 72F) | Kansas City MO: (Partly Cloudy: 77F) | Billings MT: (Partly Cloudy/Afternoon showers: 57F) | Seattle WA: (Partly Cloudy/ with afternoon showers: 55F)

International Weather Outlook: High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to Japan and westward back into the Eastern portion of the Korea´s. High pressure building in over Eastern China will bring a nice day to the region. High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to Eastern Europe, however an area of low pressure will bring showers to England. An area of Low pressure will begin to move into the Southern portion of South America bringing an increase in showers to the region. High pressure will bring a nice day to Australia. Here is the forecast for a few select international cities.

Sydney Australia: Partly Cloudy with a high near 22C.

New Delhi India: Sunny and warm with a high near 32C

Seoul South Korea: Partly Cloudy with Isolated Showers and a high near 14C.

Tokyo Japan: Partly Cloudy with a high near 21C.

October 16, 2012 Storm Tracker Update:

Atlantic Basin: Hurricane Rafael continues to track towards Bermuda with winds around 75kts and a pressure of 994mb. This storm will continue to move northward slowly towards Bermuda.

Eastern Pacific: Hurricane Paul is beginning to interact with the Baja as it has winds near 95kts and a pressure of 967mb. This storm will weaken slightly as it continues to ride up the edge of the Baja.

Gulf of Alaska: A strong low pressure system is moving in from the Southwest and will start to bring high seas and strong winds to the Gulf of Alaska coastline in the next couple of days.

Western Pacific: Typhoon Prapiroon is still moving slowly towards the north as its located to the slightly east of Okinawa Japan. Winds are around 85kts with a pressure of 959mb. The storm will continue tracking towards Japan but should remain east. Tropical Storm Maria is turning just to the east of Prapiroon and will continue to slowly drift towards the Iwo To Island. It will remain weak though as it can´t get fully developed with Prapiroon taking all of its energy. Winds this morning are around 55kts and a pressure of 982mb. Another feature further to the west in the Western Pacific is also being watched for potential development. Pressure was around 1010mb with winds near 15kts.

South Indian Ocean: Tropical Cyclone Anais this morning was tracking across the Southern Indian Ocean and making its way for Madagascar bringing very strong winds and high seas along with heavy rainfall as the storm is now encountering colder waters and weakening. Pressure is around 974mb with winds around 65kts.

ENSO Watch: We remain in a neutral phase; however indications are out there such as that Pacific Low that moved on shore and the development of more tropical activity that El-Nino(Weak) could be in place, which will impact our winter weather.

Five Day Storm Index Outlook for October 16-20:

Buffalo NY: Today expect to see some lingering showers move through the area that could create a slight impact on the region, while the 19th and 20th another frontal boundary will move into the region bringing another slight chance of impacts to the area.

Atlanta GA: Conditions look good through the 17th, then as the frontal boundary begins to move into the area expect to see some slight impacts in the metro region.

Kansas City MO: A nice day today, however as the front approaches on the 17th look for the chance of seeing some strong storms which could have a moderate impact on the region.

Billings MT: As the frontal boundary moves through the area today and tomorrow expect to see some slight impacts from the rain showers and possible higher elevation snow showers.

Seattle WA: This week the region is going to be in and out of frontal boundaries which will lead the area to see slight impacts all five days as these fronts pass bringing showers to the area.

Climate Watch for October 11-15:

Buffalo NY: The period started out about 5-11 degrees below average followed by a slight warming trend with temps rising to about 6-15 degrees above average.

Atlanta GA: The entire period has seen temps anywhere from 1-5 degrees above average.

Kansas City MO: Temps started about 4 degrees above average and then fell to around 9 degrees below average and then returned to around 1-8 degrees above average.

Billings MT: A very cold 11th with temps around 18 degrees below average followed by a slow warming as temps on the 14th returned to about 7-12 degrees above average.

Seattle WA: Temps started the period colder than average with extensive rainfall moving through the area temps average about 1-4 degrees below and then by the 14th they returned to about 3-4 degrees above average.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for October 16, 2012:

Day 1-3: High pressure will bring nice conditions from the Plains to the East Coast today. A frontal boundary moving through the Northern Rockies will bring showers to the region and another approaching frontal boundary will bring showers to the Pacific Northwest. The frontal boundary will quickly move into the Northern Plains by Day 2 as high pressure builds in behind over the Rockies and high pressure will continue to impact the East Coast. There could be some strong to severe thunderstorms from the Southeast back into the Gulf Coast during this time period.

Day 4-7: A strong cold area of high pressure will build in over the Northern Plains, while another strong low pressure system will approach the Pacific Northwest. High pressure will impact the Southeast and Gulf Coast, while an area of low pressure will move up the East coast bringing periods of heavy rain to the region.

Day 8-12: A strong area of high pressure will be in place along the East Coast, while another frontal boundary will bring showers to the Northern Plains during this time period. By day 12 we will see a strong high pressure along the east coast and also another shot of colder air moving into the Northern Plains along with some monsoonal moisture returning to the Southwest.

Day 13-15: The period will start with a low pressure system moving out of the Rockies and pushing into the Plains bringing plenty of rainfall and also the possibility of some snow on the northwest side of the system. High pressure will be locked in over the East Coast as a tropical feature or storm could be sitting of the coast of Cuba during this time period.

Today's Spotlight Forecast is for Canton SD:

Tuesday: Mostly Cloudy and mild with a high near 70F. Winds will be from the Northwest around 8-13mph. Look for overnight lows to fall to around 53F.

Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy and cooler with high temps near 59F. Winds will be from the Northwest around 20-25mph with higher gust possible. Overnight lows will fall to around 42F.

Thursday: Mostly Cloudy with periods of showers. High temps will be around 50F. Look for strong northwest winds around 20-25mph with higher gusts. Overnight lows will fall to near 35F.

Friday: Mostly Cloudy and a tad bit warmer as high temps rise to near 57F. Winds will also shift to the Southeast around 2-7mph as overnight lows fall to around 40F.

Saturday: Mostly Cloudy and warmer as high temps rise to near 67F. Winds will increase out of the Southeast around 5-10mph as overnight lows fall to around 50F.

Ask The Weatherman for October 16:

Question: What is a cold front?

Answer: When you are looking at a weather map, this is the blue triangle line that you see. This front separates warm air to the east of it and colder air to the west of the front. The winds are also from the South-Southwest ahead of the front, while behind the front the winds shift to the North-Northwest. Most often precipitation is also found on the warm sector side of the front while on the back side of the front the air dries out quite fast.

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Green Energy Weather Report for October 16:

Wave Energy: There are two features of discussion the first is the Pacific Northwest as these frontal boundaries continue to approach the area they will keep the wave heights nice for wave energy. The second feature is Hurricane Paul moving up the Baja will bring increased seas to the coast of San Diego and Southern California.

Solar Energy: Three areas will be excellent today. The first is the Southwest which will have abundant amounts of sunshine. The second is the Central Plains. Also along the Gulf Coast there will be plenty of solar energy to be made.

Wind Energy: The Northern Plains will be a good place for wind energy today as winds will be around 20-25mph creating excellent conditions for wind energy. There may be some hours in the afternoon where they will have to shut-down due to wind gusts being too high, but overall conditions should be good.

Hydro-Energy: The continued flow of frontal boundaries moving through the Pacific Northwest is making for excellent conditions in the river basins such as the Columbia to produce great hydro power.

October 16 Weather and Your Wallet (Biloxi MS):

Dining: What a day to take lunch to work or grab something quick and head to the park and enjoy the nice day with temps in the upper 70´s around lunch time and light winds.

Transportation: Should be a good day to walk to work if you live close enough. Or look at riding a bike and even the public transportation as all these methods will save you money and the weather will be perfect for it.

Shopping: A nice day to head out to the malls and get some of your fall shopping out of the way, such as that new rake for cleaning the leaves as they begin to fall from the trees.

Electricity: A nice morning, however this afternoon you may run into a window from about 3pm-6pm that you may need to run the air conditioner to keep conditions at a comfortable temperature.

Agriculture: A nice day to get out and enjoy the outdoors, Whether it's cleaning the yard or working to get your garden ready for the fall. Farmers should have a nice day to get that harvesting done.

Construction: Today will be a nice day to for work to be done on the roads. Also if any companies need to do high rise window washing, it is a good day for that.

Outdoor Venues: If you are heading to an outdoor party this evening, just to take a walk as the evening should be a great for outdoor venues.

Weather Changer for October 16:

Area #1: High pressure moving into the Northeast will bring some nice clearing conditions and a taste of fall through the area.

Area #2: This storm feature is sitting in the Rockies today but will start to move into the area by Wednesday night into Thursday bringing the potential of severe weather to this region on Thursday.

Area #3: The Pacific Low has moved onshore and is now moving through the Rockies bringing with it some heavy rain to the Northern Rockies and also at higher elevations the potential exists for some snow to mix in during the evening.

Area #4: This is Hurricane Paul as it continues to move slowly over the Baja some of the moisture and for sure the waves will make it into the region leading to some impacts for the area.