Dog Breed Info
October 16, 2012

Before Your Buy That Puppy, Do Your Homework First And Get The Dog Breed Info

Benjamin Joyner for — Your Universe Online

As a long time dog owner and breeder I know the importance of truly understanding and familiarizing yourself with your dog´s particular breed.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first time owner, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the dog breed info before you make the decision to own a new breed.

This is important for several reasons.  First, given the increase in pure-breeding for show purposes among the registered dog stock, there has been a steady uptick in breeding or genetic related hereditary diseases and conditions in the dog world. For example, the Beagle is known to be in susceptible to numerous hereditary diseases such as: Cataracts, Cervical vertebral instability, Corneal dystrophy, Deafness, Demodicosis, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Intervertebral disk disease, Microphthalmia, Mitral valve disease, Neonatal cerebellar abiotrophy, Progressive retinal atrophy, Prolapsed gland of the third eyelid, and Retinal dysplasia, Selective IgA deficiency.

While these disorders occur less commonly or are less devastating than the more common problem of Pulmonic stenosis which can cause respiratory difficulties, fainting, tiring with exercise, abnormal cardiac rhythms, abdominal swelling due to an enlarged liver or the accumulation of fluid because of failing circulation, and even sudden death, they are still serious concerns.

It is important to do your research on dog breeds before committing to a decision. A simple search on Google for “dog breed info” will provide a good start for finding out about the different dog breeds. Nothing can be more devastating that seeing a beloved pet become ill or even die from a hereditary disease. I can personally attest to the grief that an owner goes through when losing a well-loved dog that has truly become a part of the family. This can be especially devastating for children.

Animal Planet, American Kennel Club (AKC), and all offer detailed information about the hundreds of dog breeds out there. Because every dog breed is unique and has certain requirements, potential owners need to be careful in order to make sure that they select a compatible breed. A person´s lifestyle, activity level, and temperament need to be compatible with the dog breed they select. You could always use your local veterinarian as a type of dog breed selector, but the internet offers a much quicker and possibly cheaper solution. This isn´t to say that you should not contact your vet for advice, but I would narrow down your choices before doing so.

For example, one of my favorite dog breeds, the Jack Russell Terrier, is known to suffer from a hereditary eye condition known as “cherry eye”. Cherry eye is characterized by an oval mass protruding from the dog´s third eyelid, often accompanied by swelling and irritation. It can appear suddenly, even overnight and it is a pretty nasty sight.

On a camping trip when I was sixteen, my Jack Russell, Amos, suddenly came down with the condition. Needless to say, I freaked out and thought that he had somehow lost his eyeball overnight. After rushing him to an emergency vet clinic, I discovered that this is a common issue with his breed and a simple procedure was required to cure it. Had I known some simple dog breed info, I could have avoided the panic.

So the next time you decide to get a new pet, make sure you look up some dog breed info first using the vast storehouse of knowledge that is the internet.