Studies Show NuvaRing Blood Clot Risks Could Be Higher Than Pills

October 19, 2012

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 18, 2012

The NuvaRing Resource Center is alerting women who used NuvaRing contraceptive devices that experts have related the vaginal rings to increased blood clot risks. So far, the FDA has received more than 1,000 reports of blood clot injury or death in patients using NuvaRing, according to an article in CBS News San Diego on September 21, 2012.

Anyone who suffered a blood clot, DVT, stroke or Pulmonary Embolism after using NuvaRing is urged to contact the NuvaRing Resource Center or speak with a lawyer about their legal options.

The British Medical Journal published a Danish study on May 10, 2012 linking vaginal rings like NuvaRing to as much as a 90% increased risk of blood clots over oral contraceptives. On June 14, 2012, the New England Journal of Medicine also published a study finding vaginal ring contraceptives could relate to a 2.5 to 3-fold increased risk of blood clots.

Last October, the FDA issued a report titled, “Combined Hormonal Contraceptives (CHCs) and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Endpoints”, which showed vaginal ring contraceptives could increase the risks of blood clots by as much as 56%.

Now, According to Legal Examiner on October 11, 2012, U.S. Federal District Judge Rodney W. Sippel announced on August 23rd that NuvaRing lawsuit trials would begin on May 6, 2013. This will set a precedent for other cases and settlements for future victims.

Due to the number of NuvaRing lawsuits filed, the cases have been consolidated into a federal Multi-District Litigation court in Missouri. The formal case is known as In re: NuvaRing Products Liability Litigation, No. 08-md-1964, JPML, Eastern District Missouri. On September 5, 2012, the U.S. Panel on Multidistrict Litigation indicated that more than 1,000 cases have been filed so far.

The NuvaRing Resource Center urges anyone affected by blood clots, stroke, DVT or pulmonary embolism after using NuvaRing to learn their legal rights as soon as possible.

Due to the specialized nature of federal MDL drug injury cases, the Resource Center only recommends lawyers and law firms who have already handled NuvaRing lawsuits.

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