Natural Health Sherpa Reveals Astounding Information about Chia Seeds

October 21, 2012

Natural Health Sherpa reveals new information about how chia seeds can benefit the body.

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) October 20, 2012

Natural Health Sherpa revealed the things that make chia seeds a super superfood: it has omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants.

According to Natural Health Sherpa, chia seeds aren´t new. “Native Americans have long relied on the seeds of the chia plant (Salvia hispanica) as a staple food and an energy source,” says the website.

“This substance offers more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon, more calcium than milk, more fiber than all-bran cereal, and more antioxidants than blueberries,” states Natural Health Sherpa regarding why this product is a superfood.

In fact, the website shares that it is even more astounding than other superfoods in the market, saying that it contains “nature´s richest vegetarian supply of omega-3 fatty acids (in the form of alpha-linolenic acid), as well as powerful antioxidants, fiber, and other beneficial compounds.”

The website suggests adding the gluten free product to yoghurt, cereals, oatmeal, and smoothies.

There is also some research that suggests chia seeds may prevent type 2 diabetes. And since it is natural, the website says it can be added to the diet without danger.

In spite of this, the website warns: “Keep in mind, however, that chia may trigger mild gastrointestinal problems, such as gas and bloating, probably due to their high fiber content.”

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