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October 24, 2012

Big Story Weather – October 24, 2012

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from October 23: The West Coast was hit with strong storms through Northern California. There was plenty of snowfall in the Cascades and the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges also. This snow also began pushing eastward into the Northern Rockies towards places like Boise, Idaho. The next low created showers through the Northern Plains and even reports of light snow mixing in and even some accumulations in the Black Hills of South Dakota. High pressure continued to impact the East Coast and also Tropical Storm Sandy continued to gain strength as it moves northward near Cuba.

Weather Outlook for October 24: High pressure along the Eastern Seaboard will make for another nice day from Florida northward into Boston, with partly cloudy skies throughout this region. A new developing low will start to take shape over the Southern Plains. This area will have very little moisture with it, but just enough to increase the clouds over the region. A stronger low pressure system is moving through the Northern Plains. This one does have moisture with it and there will be rain during the day mixing in with snow over the Eastern Dakotas overnight. Also some accumulating snow will be experienced in the Western parts of the Dakota´s along with Denver Metro area. Partly cloudy skies will prevail over the Southwest and another frontal boundary will begin to approach the Pacific Northwest bringing coastal showers and mountain snows to the Cascades. Below is the weather for a few select cities.

Boston MA: (Partly Cloudy: 56F) | Memphis TN: (Partly Cloudy: 81F) | Sioux Falls SD: (Mostly Cloudy with Showers: 50F) | Denver CO: (Mostly Cloudy with evening Snow showers: 59F) | Las Vegas: (Sunny: 68F)

International Weather Outlook for October 24: High pressure over Japan will bring partly cloudy skies to the region along with the  Korea´s. The monsoonal trough will bring some showers to the Southeast Asia region today. High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to Central Europe, while a frontal boundary will bring a few showers to Denmark and Norway. High pressure over the Eastern Atlantic will bring partly cloudy skies to England and Western Europe. An area of low pressure will be moving along the southern tip of South America and could bring a few showers and mostly cloudy skies to the region. High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to Eastern Australia, while a low pressure system will move through the South Central region bringing a chance of showers and extensive cloudiness to the region and another high pressure center will begin to bring partly cloudy skies to Western Australia. Here is the forecast for a few select international cities for Wednesday October 24 Evening.

Singapore: Partly Cloudy with a low near 24C.

Bangkok Thailand: Partly Cloudy with a few thunderstorms and a low near 25C.

New Delhi India: Partly Cloudy with a low near 23C.

Perth Australia: Partly Cloudy with a low near 16C.

October 24, 2012 Storm Tracker Update:

Atlantic Basin: Tropical Storm Sandy continues to track northward beside Cuba. Tropical storm and hurricane warnings have been issued for the region and also the Southeast coast of Florida as Sandy is forecasted to strengthen over the next couple of days as it enters into the Atlantic Ocean. Winds are around 55kts with a pressure estimated around 988mb. Tropical Storm Tony is out in the Atlantic and should not pose any impacts to the United States. Winds are around 40kts and a pressure of 1003mb.

Eastern Pacific: There is one area moving off the coast of Central America that will need to be watched for possible development later this week. Winds are around 15kts and pressure near 1011mb.

Gulf of Alaska: The main low pushed onshore over Alaska, however, another low is developing off the remaining frontal boundary and will begin to push eastward towards the Pacific Northwest.

Central Pacific: No areas of concern in this region today.

Western Pacific: There is now Tropical Storm Son-Tinh which is moving towards the Philippines packing heavy rains and winds around 35kts and a pressure of 996mb. This storm will move northwestward towards mainland China. There is a second area moving across Southeast Asia at this time. It has winds around 15kts and a pressure of 1010mb.

South Indian Ocean: An area of disturbed weather is moving towards the Gulf of Oman and has winds around 30kts with a pressure of 1000mb. This feature may strengthen over the next couple of days before making landfall in the Middle East.

ENSO Watch (Neutral Phase): This morning everything is holding strong to remain in the Neutral phase, however there is still a chance to see El-Nino conditions to form and they will probably be weak.

Five Day Storm Index Outlook for October 24-28:

Boston MA: This week high pressure will control the weather leaving the area with very little in the way of impacts for the week.

Memphis TN: On the 26th there is a slight chance of seeing some impacts as a frontal boundary moves through the region possibly bringing with it a few thunderstorms.

Sioux Falls SD: This afternoon showers will make the roads slick. This will lead to a slight impact. On the 25th though the morning hours could see snow mix in with the rain which could lead to some slick roads. This could upgrade the region to a moderate impact during the commute on the 25th.

Denver CO: The region will see the rain change to snow this evening this which will give the region a slight impact. Tomorrow the region could see some accumulating snowfall which would put the region into a moderate impact.

Las Vegas NV: This week the weather looks to be very nice in the region leaving it with no impacts forecasted.

Climate Watch for October 19-23:

Boston MA: Temps have remained about 4-14 degrees above average the entire past five days as the warmer air has been returning flow around the western side of the high pressure.

Memphis TN: Started the period with temps about 5 degrees below average followed by a warm up with temps rising to around 7-9 degrees above average for the remainder of the period.

Sioux Falls SD: The period started with temps around 14 degrees below average and then a slow warming took place as temps rose to around 3-9 degrees above average for the remainder of the period.

Denver CO: Temps have maintained about 6-15 degrees above average for the entire period.

Las Vegas NV: Temps have been running about 1-8 degrees above average until the 23rd after the front moved through the region temps fell to around 5 degrees below average.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for Oct 23, 2012:

Day 1-3: High pressure will continue to bring nice conditions to the East Coast, while Southern Florida will begin to start seeing rising seas as Sandy makes a path near Cuba today and heads northward. A developing low pressure system over the Southern Plains will bring a chance of seeing showers in the Central Plains. A low pressure system moving through the Northern Plains will result in some accumulating snowfall along with moderate showers and colder temps. Another frontal boundary is beginning to approach the Pacific Northwest.

Day 4-7: Interaction between the approaching frontal boundary and Sandy will bring increased winds and seas along with moderate rainfall amounts to the Carolina´s. A weak area of high pressure will setup over the West briefly before the next system arrives. Day 5 has another frontal boundary moving through the Northwest and also a strong area of high pressure building in over the Plains and Southeast along with the frontal boundary moving through the Northeast and Sandy sitting off the coast slowly moving eastward. Day 7 we will see interaction with our frontal boundary along the Northeast and some of Sandy´s winds and rain mixing together making for a wet day along the Northeast coastline.

Day 8-12: Looking at this period we will see high pressure over the Northern Plains along with a developing low pressure over the Southern Plains which will bring showers and thunderstorms to the region. We are also looking at another frontal system moving through the Pacific Northwest.

Day 13-15: This time period we will see a frontal boundary transit through the Southern Plains and the Gulf Coast region, along with a Clipper system moving through the Northern Plains and another frontal system entering the Northwest.

Today's Spotlight Forecast is for Hattiesburg Mississippi:

Wednesday: Partly Cloudy and mild with a high near 82F, winds will be from the Southeast around 2-7mph as overnight lows fall to around 58F.

Thursday: Partly Cloudy and warm as high temps rise to near 84F, winds will be from the Northeast 2-7mph and low temps will fall to near 60F.

Friday: Partly Cloudy and warm as the high will be near 84F, winds from the Northwest around 7-12mph and overnight lows will fall to around 50F.

Saturday: Mostly Cloudy and colder as the high will only get to around 68F, winds will become Northeast around 7-12mph and overnight lows will fall to around 40F.

Sunday: Partly Cloudy and cooler as high temps rise to near 65F, winds will be Northeast around 5-10mph and overnight lows will fall to around 39F, with a slight chance of seeing frost in the overnight hours.

Ask The Weatherman for October 24:

Question: What are some of the classes you have to take to become a meteorologist?

Answer: This all depends on where you go to get your education and the way you take it, but one thing is for sure these types of classes will be needed. The first is Atmospheric Science which explains the basics of the atmosphere. Another class is Atmospheric Physics which talks about the fluids of the air and also how water interacts and use Newton´s Laws to explain weather. A third class that you will have to take is Atmospheric Dynamics and this talks about the different curvatures of air parcels along with the motion around weather systems among other things. These are just a few classes, however many more are also required.

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Green Energy Weather Report for October 24:

Wave Energy: The approaching frontal boundary in the Pacific Northwest makes this area a good place to generate wave energy. The second is the Southeast coast of Florida. As Sandy continues to make its way northward the swells will start to arrive in the area the next couple of days making for some good wave action.

Solar Energy: The Southwest will be a great place to generate solar energy today. The second place is along the Gulf Coast which should also see a nice day for energy generation. Also the Northeast will see nice conditions being on the western side of the High pressure.

Wind Energy: The Rockies is looking good for wind energy today as the frontal boundary begins to approach the area will generate some winds that are around 15-20kts and a good source of energy today.

Hydro-Energy: The Rockies will be getting a good amount of rainfall and also mountain snows which will help fill the rivers up.

October 24 Weather and Your Wallet (Orlando FL):

Dining: This morning should be a good opportunity to grab something from an outdoor dining venue. However, lunch time might be hot, muggy and slightly rainy making for poor outside dining.

Transportation: Should be a good day to travel in and around the area. However, look for a period of heavier rain around 4-7pm which could lead to some slower traffic this evening during rush hour.

Shopping: This morning would be the best time to get out and get that shopping done before the rain and humidity get worse this afternoon.

Electricity: Today could be a pretty big day of using the air conditioner as we are looking at about 13CDD. The majority of the time period will be between 2PM-7PM that we will see the higher need of the AC´s.

Agriculture: Farmers should have a good day for working in the fields. The only drawback will be this afternoon during the brief periods of heavier rainfall.

Construction: A good day for work since it will be a tad bit warm. However, there will be a period this afternoon during the heavier showers that may halt for a couple of hours.

Outdoor Venues: This afternoon will be a little uncomfortable along with some showers making the outdoor venues best before lunch and the evening ones should be good also.

Weather Changer for October 24:

Area #1: The low pressure system moving through the Northern Plains will bring with it some showers, cold temps, and even some snow will fall in the Eastern Dakota´s along with accumulating snow in the Western Dakota´s and the Colorado Rockies to include the Denver Metro area.

Area #2: Tropical Storm Sandy will start to push into the Atlantic north of Cuba during the next couple of days and as this occurs anticipate to see some strong winds, rain and also storm surge along the Eastern facing shores of Florida.

Area #3: High pressure over the Mid-Atlantic region will bring partly cloudy skies and also partly cloudy skies to the Northeast.

Area #4: A new developing low pressure center over the Southern plains will begin to move northeastward and interact with the other frontal system moving through the Northern Plains helping to bring more moisture into that region.