Great Science Articles For Kids Are Just A Click Away
October 24, 2012

Finding Quality Science Articles And Educational Resources For Kids

Rayshell Clapper for — Your Universe Online

If you´re looking for some great websites with science articles for kids, look no further. Whether you're a teacher, parent, or just an adult who wants to help children learn to love science, we've put together a list of websites that provide great science articles for kids., of course, is a great place to start. Though we do not yet have an area just for kids, many of the articles and blogs are definitely kid friendly and deal with kid issues. As the website grows, so will this area and more science articles for kids will be available. Sometimes the best science articles for kids are those that connect kids to the adult world. RedOrbit definitely provides a variety of articles and blogs for all ages. Here are a few sections on our site to get you started:

1. Reference Library: Here you will find encyclopedia articles on a variety of themes. Great for homework!

2. Education Videos: Here is where you will find our latest video series called "What Is." These are quick and easy videos that explain many things such as gravity, planets, and science.

3. Image Libraries: Our image libraries provide great images and descriptions that can be used for lesson plans and homework. There are topics ranging from stunning space images to technical science diagrams.

All of these sections are updated with new material on a daily/weekly basis.

Another great resource is NASA's newly launched Wavelength online resource center. Here, students and educators alike have access to hundreds of activities, laboratory exercises, and media coving the wide variety of science topics in NASA's science program. The material is categorized by age group, so whether you are looking for media aids to use in a kindergarten classroom or ideas for conducting a high school physics lab, the information you want is easy to find. And once you have found the perfect activity, detailed instructions - including lists of needed materials and estimated costs - are included for both students and educators.

National Geographic for Kids is a great place to find more science articles for kids because science is one of the focus points of National Geographic. What´s great about National Geographic is that a parent can start with the National Geographic for Little Kids (focused on toddlers), then move to National Geographic for Kids (focused on elementary school ages), finally moving onto the National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic Traveler Magazine (focusing on adults). Obviously, National Geographic for Little Kids and National Geographic for Kids will be stock full of science articles for kids. Plus, it´s National Geographic, so any adult working with children can trust the source and information, and the magazine publishes some of the most stunning and inspiring photos, and kids love visuals.

ScienceNews for Kids is an entity of the Society for Science and the Public. One of its main goals is educating the public, especially kids, about science. For great science articles for kids, check out this website. It´s geared specifically toward kids with information that grabs their attention. This website is definitely worth exploring.

Obviously, several other websites exist that provide great science articles for kids including Time for Kids and even a database on the American Chemical Society website.

With RedOrbit, National Geographic for Kids, and ScienceNews for Kids, any parent can trust the information, and all kids can find the science articles they want. Hopefully, this will help searchers find what they need.

Note: these are not websites we necessarily suggest or promote; rather, these are websites that have provided great information in a kid-friendly fashion.