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November 5, 2012

Big Story Weather – November 5, 2012

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly.

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from November 2-4: A quiet few last days with no major weather issues throughout the United States. Snow was seen in the Pacific Northwest and Rockies and last night made its way into the Northern Plains. There were a few thunderstorms that moved through the Southeast associated with a low pressure system that is developing and will create large impacts along the Eastern Seaboard again this week.

Weather Outlook for November 5: Partly Cloudy skies will be found up and down the Eastern Seaboard today. A developing low pressure begins to make its way into the Gulf Coast region which will bring a few showers today and tonight before moving out over the Southeast and beginning to take shape as the next storm system to impact the Northeast. High pressure over the Northern Plains will bring nice conditions to the region and this will also be the case back in the Southwest and northward into the Northeast. Below is the weather for a few select cities.

Baltimore MD: (Partly Cloudy: 47F) | Orlando FL: (Partly Cloudy: 75F) | Denver CO: (Partly Cloudy: 65F) | Boise ID: (Partly Cloudy: 66F) | Las Vegas NV: (Partly Cloudy: 76F)

International Weather Outlook for November 5: Low pressure system moving through the Korea´s today will bring showers and storms to this region and this will extend eastward into Japan. High pressure over the Tibetan Plateau will create partly to mostly cloudy skies in India and Southeast Asia today. Low pressure moving through Central Europe will bring plenty of showers to the region and even snow into the northern part. High pressure over the Atlantic will slowly ridge eastward and bring partly cloudy skies to London and also Spain and France today. A weak area of low pressure is moving across the southern tip of South America and will bring with it a few showers. A very strong low pressure system is moving through Australia today and will bring showers and thunderstorms to a good portion of the region today. Here is the forecast for a few select international cities.

Tokyo Japan: Rain showers and a low temp near 12C.

Manila Philippines: Partly Cloudy with a low near 21C.

New Delhi India: Partly Cloudy with a low near 24C.

Perth Australia: Mostly Cloudy with a low near 14C.

November 5, 2012 Storm Tracker Update:

Special Low Coverage: A developing low pressure system over Texas and Oklahoma needs to be watched closely as this is looking like it will become our next Nor´easter up in the East later this week and into the weekend.

Atlantic Basin: A tranquil day in the Atlantic as nothing is forecasted over the next 24hrs.

Eastern Pacific: A quiet area as Rosa is on its final leg over the next two days.

Gulf of Alaska: One strong low pressure is moving in from the southwest towards the region which will bring an increase to winds/seas and also rain/snow to the region.

Central Pacific: There is one low pressure system that is moving across the Pacific and is now just west of the United States West Coast. This system will need to be watched as it moves in and becomes a weather maker by the 18th over the Western US and Central Plains.

Western Pacific: No tropical activity in this region today.

South Indian Ocean: One area to the southwest of India is beginning to get a little better organized today with winds around 15kts and a pressure of 1010mb.

Southern Hemisphere: We are watching a wave off the coast of Madagascar for possible development. Winds are around 10kts and a pressure of 1010mb.

ENSO Watch (Neutral Phase): We still remain in a neutral phase which is a surprise as it was much anticipated to already be in a weak El-Nino. There are still signs in the farther western boxes that we could possibly still have El-Nino setup in those boxes. This condition will have to continue to be watched.

Five Day Storm Index Outlook for November 5-9:

Baltimore MD: The period will begin quiet. However, as the Nor'Easter begins to transit up the East Coast look for conditions to go downhill as strong winds, along with rain and even snow head into the Metro area bringing the region under the Moderate impact for the 7th and 8th and then slight impact on the 9th as the system exits the region.

Orlando FL: Today will be a nice day. However, on the 6th and 7th a frontal boundary will move through the region bringing showers and cooler conditions to the region giving the area a slight impact over those two days.

Denver CO: A nice week in store all the way through the 8th. However, by the 9th a storm system will be moving out of the Pacific Northwest bringing snow and rain to the area. Impacts should be slight for the 9th however increase by the weekend.

Boise ID: A nice week in store early followed by a frontal system that will move into the region and bring a slight to moderate chance of impacts in the way of rainfall and also snowfall.

Las Vegas NV: A nice week in store with no impacts forecasted.

Climate Watch for October 31-November 4:

Baltimore MD: Temps have been cool all the week with temps ranging from about 10-13 below average through the period.

Orlando FL: Temps started right around average on the 31st and then fell about 3-4 degrees below average over the next couple of days followed by a slight warming towards the end with temps again 1-3 above average.

Denver CO: Temps started the period about 11-12 degrees above average and then fell to around 2 degrees below average followed by 4 degree above average finish to the period.

Boise ID: Temps have maintained about 6-10 degrees above average over the last five days.

Las Vegas NV: The entire period saw temps anywhere from 5-9 degrees above average.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for November 5, 2012:

Day 1-3: A developing low pressure system will take shape over Texas and Oklahoma today and spread into the Gulf Coast and Southeast during this time period bringing showers and thunderstorms to the region. High pressure over the Plains will shift eastward into the Ohio River Valley over the next couple of days. The West Coast will remain fairly dry during this period with the exception being the Pacific Northwest where they may see the next frontal boundary approach the area by day 3.

Day 4-7: The period will begin with the Nor'Easter making its way up the coast bringing heavy rain, strong winds, storm surge and also snow on the western side of the system. It will impact the same regions that are still dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. Another frontal boundary will begin to move onshore along the Pacific Northwest.  By the middle of this period high pressure will be setting up along the East Coast, while a strong low pressure system begins to take shape over the Rockies during this time bringing mountain snows and valley rains to the region. The end of this period will be seeing high pressure over the East coast blocking the system in the Plains which will start to dump heavy snows along with heavy rains and even set the way for Severe weather along the southern portion of the boundary near the Gulf Coast region.

Day 8-12: The period will start with another newly developed low over Texas and Oklahoma that will push eastward bringing another chance for heavy rain and some severe weather to the Gulf Coast region and also the Southern Plains. The end of this period will finally see the low move up the into the Northeast and allow for high pressure to build in over the Northern Plains and also down into the Gulf Coast region.

Day 13-15: The period will start with a high pressure system setting up over the Great Lakes and another potent storm system entering into the Rockies during this time bringing snowfall and valley rains to the region. By the end of this period we will see the storm system move into the Ohio River Valley and the extended cold front will push into the Gulf of Mexico making way for another severe weather event along with snow on the western side of the system. A very strong and cold high pressure of around 1036mb will begin to make its way into the Northern Plains during this time also and another low pressure will begin to push towards the Pacific Northwest.

Today's Spotlight Forecast is for Minneapolis MN:

Monday: Mostly Cloudy with a few morning showers and cool as high temps rise to around 45F. Winds will be from the Southwest around 5-10mph. Overnight lows will fall to around 36F.

Tuesday: Partly Cloudy and cool again as high temps rise to around 44F. Winds will increase out of the Northwest around 8-13mph. Overnight lows will fall below freezing to around 27F.

Wednesday: Partly Cloudy and cool again as high temps rise to around 45F. Winds will shift to the South around 5-10mph. Overnight lows will fall to around 34F.

Thursday: Partly Cloudy and warmer with high temps reaching near 51F. Winds will be from the Northeast around 5-10mph. Overnight lows fall to around 35F.

Friday: Mostly Cloudy with periods of showers and cooler again as high temps only get to around 45F. Winds will be from the East around 7-12mph. Overnight lows will fall to around 40F.

Ask The Weatherman for November 5:

Question: Is it true that there is a second severe weather season?

Answer: The simple answer is yes. During the month of November the Polar Front Jet starts to make its way southward into the Southeast and Gulf Coast region. During this time period the air masses are both very strong in contrast as the warm temps can still be found along the coast and the colder air starts to make its way in from the North. When they collide, they get a little extra lift from the Appalachian Mountains which mixes with that cold air and also the warm gulf moisture to create this second severe weather season which runs from November 1st until about the first week of December.

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Green Energy Weather Report for November 5:

Wave Energy: The developing low over Texas and Oklahoma will bring with it some stronger waves over the Northern Gulf making this area a great wave energy location.

Solar Energy: High pressure moving in over the Northern Plains will make the Great Lakes region a good place for solar energy along with the Southwest and even into portions of the Southeast today.

Wind Energy: The winds moving in behind the frontal boundary will make for some good wind energy in the Northern Plains and also back into Western Texas.

Hydro-Energy: The low pressure moving through the Texas and Oklahoma region will push eastward and bring the showers to the Southern portion of the Mississippi River by later today creating a great addition to hydro energy for this region.

November 5 Weather and Your Wallet (Atlanta GA):

Dining: This morning and around lunch time should be good for any outdoor dining plans you may have. As the evening progresses, look for the showers to start moving in which will make it slightly unpleasant for dining outdoors.

Transportation: Your morning and afternoon commutes should be fine today. However, by the evening rush hour and into the overnight hours look for the roads to start becoming slick. Hydroplaning could be a problem so make sure to give yourself some extra time on the roads tonight.

Shopping: Get that shopping out of the way this morning and early afternoon before the rains begin to move into the area.

Electricity: A nice day to open the window and let some fresh air into the house or office. However, this evening as the cold front begins to approach look for the use of the heater to be needed as around 11HDD are forecasted for the overnight hours.

Agriculture: A good day to get that outdoor work done through the early afternoon time frame.

Construction: This morning should be no problem on the construction working sites. However, later this evening and overnight construction might have to be put on hold due to the heavier rain showers that will move into the region.

Outdoor Venues: Taking a walk with your dog or cat in the park you might want to have that done before about 5pm as the rain begins to move in and make the evening cold and wet.

Weather Changer for November 5:

Area #1: A developing low pressure system will move out of the Southern Plains later today and into the Gulf Coast region bringing a chance for strong to severe storms in the region.

Area #2: A cold high pressure center is moving into this region and will bring some colder air overnight into the region.

Area #3: Tomorrow the low pressure will have moved into the Carolina´s and on its way out into the Atlantic before making its turn up the eastern seaboard. Expect to see more severe weather in this region tomorrow.

Area #4: This is the forecasted location for the Nor'easter to take shape later in the week as it will bring strong winds, high seas, heavy rain and even some storm surge to the same region that got hit by Sandy and also look for snow to fill in on the back side of the system.

Area #5: A new low pressure later in the week will take shape and move out of the Southwest towards the center of the Rockies before splitting into two weather systems.

Area #6: This will become the northern part of the storm. It will have strong winds and heavier rainfall on the eastern side of the storm and the potential to create winter storms on the western side of the storm.

Area #7: The secondary low will form in this region and again there is the possibility that places in the Texas Panhandle may be dealing with some light snow. However, most of this low will be the impact of the severe weather that will move along with it.