Through The Wormhole Reviewed
November 9, 2012

Science Channel’s “Through The Wormhole” Snatches This Viewer’s Eye

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Morgan Freeman has a way of narrating films that keeps you engaged, whether it is his own movie or a documentary. In the latest available season of Through the Wormhole, Freeman delivers his iconic voice in a fashion that no one else could do.

In season 3 of Through the Wormhole, Morgan covers deep questions of whether there could be a superior race, to controversial questions like "Did we invent God?"

Science would not be what it is without asking questions, and that's what this series is best known for doing. Asking questions and looking into what the answers could be, feasible or not.

In the latest season, the questions focus on humanity and take on quite a few religious quandaries that men may have been asking for thousands of years.

One of the most exciting episodes for me was the third, entitled "Is The Universe Alive?" During this episode, Freeman narrates a script that looks into whether the secrets of life and death are hidden in physics or biology. It asks, "Could it be that the universe is alive?"

The character of the content for each episode is almost mysterious, yet captivating as it twists and turns through ideas and scenarios. The episodes take you down a road you never thought to venture, and bring you out enlightened and encouraged.

Some of the more supernatural topics that season 3 dives into include "Can We Resurrect The Dead?" as well as "Mysteries of the Subconscious." These topics take you through parts of exploratory science that are famous in religious stories, but have been scrutinized in the modern world with cloning.

The series did not sway away from its usual anticipation of what life is like on another planet by kicking off the season with the topic of whether the human race would be able to survive alien contact.

Overall, season three has to be my favorite season so far, encouraging outside the box thinking to viewers and exploring questions that some scientists dare not to ask.

I highly recommend this latest season of Through the Wormhole for anyone looking for thought provoking material, delivered with the leathery, yet intriguing voice that Freeman is known for. Anyone who enjoys a bit of science fiction, but entwined with science fact will no doubt get a kick out of the series´ third season, available now on DVD.