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November 27, 2012

Big Story Weather – November 27, 2012

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly.

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from November 26: The frontal boundary that pushed through Eastern Texas last night brought with it some small hail and strong winds to the region. The area from Oklahoma to Western Arkansas also got some rainfall. Outside of that the strong cold air pushed into Northern Florida with a few places dropping below freezing for a period of hours. The rest of the country was tranquil under high pressure.

Weather Outlook for November 27: Low pressure moving into the Southeast part of the United States with the extended cold front back through the Gulf Coast will be the focus for most of the rain and thunderstorms today and into the early afternoon. Tonight attention will shift to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as the low begins to move up the coast bringing a very cold rain and a mix of snow to many places along the Eastern Seaboard. High pressure is rapidly building in behind the frontal boundary and will be situated over Eastern Oklahoma and Eastern Texas by later this afternoon bringing partly cloudy skies to the Southern Plains and Northern Plains and this region of high pressure will extend back into the Western United States. Below is the weather for a few select cities.

Boston MA: (Mostly Cloudy evening light snow: 36F) | Atlanta GA: (Partly cloudy/Afternoon T-storms: 60F) | Sioux City IA: (Partly Cloudy: 39F) | Billings MT: (Partly Cloudy: 42F) | Sacramento CA: (Partly Cloudy: 65F)

International Weather Outlook for November 27: Low pressure to the North of Japan will bring a few lingering snow showers to the Hokkaido Region. Also another developing low pressure to the northwest of the Koreas will bring showers and snow showers. High pressure over the Tibetan Plateau will bring partly cloudy skies to Southeast Asia today. Low pressure moving through Spain will bring showers to the region. Mostly cloudy skies will prevail over England. High pressure will bring partly cloudy skies to the majority of South America today. High pressure will bring partly to mostly cloudy skies to Eastern Australia, while another frontal boundary begins to push in over Western Australia which will bring showers and thunderstorms to the region. Here is the forecast for a few select international cities for the evening of November 27.

Seoul Korea: Mostly Cloudy/Light Rain or Snow with a low near -2C
Hong Kong China: Partly Cloudy with a low near 14C
Singapore: Partly Cloudy with a low near 25C
London England: Mostly Cloudy and cool with a low near 6C
Sydney Australia: Partly Cloudy with a low near 18C

November 27, 2012 Storm Tracker Update:

Atlantic Basin: Low pressure moving through Spain will bring showers to the region. Another low pressure moving northward into Iceland will have impacts in that region with strong winds and snow.

North America: Low pressure is moving across the Gulf Coast this morning and will continue to bring showers and thunderstorms to the region today before moving eastward into the Carolinas by tonight.

Eastern Pacific: Low pressure to the east of Hawaii will start making its journey towards California later in the week bringing an increase in winds/seas and heavy rain by later in the week. Another low pressure system has just moved on shore over the Canadian West Coast and the trailing cold front will bring showers across the Pacific Northwest in the next few days.

Western Pacific: Low pressure pushed east of Japan and wrap around moisture is still bringing a few snow showers to Northern Japan. Another low pressure system is moving into Northeast China and is expected to bring showers and snow showers to the Koreas today.

Indian Ocean: No major weather events in this region.

Southern Hemisphere: A strong low pressure system is to the west of South America and will begin to make its way towards the coastline over the next few days. Another low pressure system is moving in towards Western Australia. Expect to see an increase in clouds and showers for places like Perth. A strong tropical low is moving towards the west-southwest and is located to the Northeast of Australia at this time.

Five Day Storm Index Outlook for November 27-December 1:

Boston MA: A few showers this morning will mix in with some light snow, however, the bigger event will move in this evening where there is a chance to see accumulating snow in the region overnight and over the next couple of days there could be some slight impacts to the region before clearing out.

Atlanta GA: Today a chance of some strong thunderstorms moving through the area will keep the region in a moderate impact followed by a very nice rest of the week with no impacts.

Sioux City IA: High pressure moving through the region will leave this area impact free for the next five days.

Billings MT: A tranquil week to start, followed by a few chances of seeing showers starting on the 1st of December when there is a chance to see the region go into a slight impact area.

Sacramento CA: A cloudy day today followed by a week of continued on shore flow over this region will lead to slight impacts for the next few days.

Climate Watch for November 22-26:

Boston MA: The period started with temps near normal just slightly above and then slightly below, followed by the 25th when temps fell to around 2-8 degrees below average.

Atlanta GA: The period started 7-11 degrees above average and then fell to around 1-10 degrees below average over the past few days.

Sioux City IA: Temps started the period about 17 degrees above average and then fell to around 1-7 degrees below average for the remainder of the period.

Billings MT: The period started near normal and then temps rose to around 7-14 degrees above average followed by temps dropping to around 6-7 degrees below average.

Sacramento CA: The period has seen temps around 3-6 degrees above average through the entire period.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for November 27, 2012:

Day 1-3: Low pressure over the Gulf Coast this morning will push into the Southeast today and then overnight move into the Mid-Atlantic and portions of the Northeast bringing showers, thunderstorms, and even snowfall throughout its track across the country. High pressure over the Northern Plains will bring nice conditions to this region, while the next frontal boundary will start bringing increased cloud cover to the West coast. This period will finish with the frontal boundary over the Pacific Northwest bringing increases showers and winds along with mountain snows to the region.

Day 4-7: The period will start with high pressure along the East Coast and also a weak frontal boundary moving through the Ohio River Valley will bring a few showers to the region. A strong frontal boundary will continue to impact the Pacific Northwest and also into California bringing heavy rains to the valleys and moderate mountain snows to the interior. Towards the end of this period will have a low pressure moving through the Northeast bringing showers and lake effect snows to the region, showers will also extend back to the Ohio River Valley. A 994mb low will begin to push into the Northern Plains bringing some showers to the region. High pressure will be in control over the Southeast. The frontal boundary extending from the Plains will push moisture into the Southwest.

Day 8-12: The period will begin with high pressure along the East Coast, and a frontal boundary extending through the Northern Plains along with high pressure over the West Coast. On December 5th a very strong frontal boundary will extend from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf Coast. This could possibly bring some strong to severe storms over the Gulf Coast region during this time period. High pressure over the Rockies will bring partly cloudy skies to the West. While another frontal boundary will be impacting the Pacific Northwest. The middle of this period will have that strong frontal boundary pushing through the Northeast and the East Coast bringing with it some strong storms to the region. High pressure will be in control over Texas bringing partly cloudy skies to the region. A 990mb low will begin to push through the Canadian Providences towards the east with the frontal boundary extending into the Northern Plains.

Day 13-15: This period will be dominated with high pressure along the East Coast and a strong storm system moving through the Northern Plains into the Gulf Coast region. Another strong low pressure system will be moving into the Rockies during this time. The end of this period will be dominated with a strong frontal system moving through the Midwest bringing with it strong to severe storms for the south along with a blizzard setup for the Northern Plains and Great Lakes region.

Today's Spotlight Forecast is for Gulfport MS:

Tuesday: Mostly Cloudy with morning showers and thunderstorms becoming partly cloudy later this afternoon. Winds from the Northwest around 7-12mph as high temps rise to near 70F, overnight lows will fall to around 46F.

Wednesday: Partly Cloudy and cooler with a high near 65F, winds from the Northeast around 8-13mph as overnight lows fall to around 43F.

Thursday: Partly Cloudy and cool with a high near 66F, winds from the Northeast around 5-10mph as overnight lows fall to around 53F.

Friday: Partly Cloudy and warmer with a high near 71F, winds from the Southeast around 5-10mph as overnight lows fall to around 58F.

Saturday: Partly Cloudy and mild with a high near 73F, winds from the Southeast around 5-10mph as overnight lows fall to around 57F.

Green Energy Weather Report for November 27:

Wave Energy: The frontal boundary moving in over the Pacific Northwest will bring enhanced wave action to the region. Also in the Northern Gulf of Mexico along the frontal boundary anticipate seeing higher waves and then later this evening the wave action will start improving over the Southeast.

Solar Energy: Today with high pressure moving in over the Plains will be good for solar energy from the Dakotas into Texas and also back into the Southwest and most of the Rockies as the high pressure will extend back into these regions making for some good solar energy.

Wind Energy: Behind the frontal boundary from the Great Lakes into the Southern Mississippi River Valley the northwest winds will bring in a great source region for wind energy today.

Hydro-Energy: The Lower Mississippi river valley will see some much needed rain enter into the basin today and also the Southeast rivers will pick up some extra rainfall today to bring some good hydro energy creating conditions into these regions.

November 27 Weather and Your Wallet (Mobile AL):

Dining: Today is a day to pack your lunch and take it to work as it´s going to be a rainy day.

Transportation: Be cautious today as roadways are already starting to get wet in the region and by lunch time could be covered with some water as the rain becomes heavy around lunch.

Shopping: An indoor shopping day - the malls will be the best place for today´s shopping events.

Electricity: The day will be dominated with showers and thunderstorms. There could be some small power outages if the storms are strong enough this morning, however look for the heater to be needed this evening as we are looking for 5HDD´s overnight.

Agriculture: A rainy and gloomy day - not good for outdoor work around the yard or garden for the fields.

Construction: A rainy and wet day will make for dangerous working conditions. It may be best to just hold off on the construction projects today and let the front pass the region.

Outdoor Venues: Rain and more rain will make it hard to enjoy the outdoors without an umbrella. Once the front passes through the region tonight you will need a light jacket as the colder air moves in.