Enhancing the Healing Capacity of Patients through Natural Remedies for Diabetes is an Important Step Toward the Cure, Review Studies Conclude

December 1, 2012

In the Diabetes Awareness Month, multiple approaches to caring for the health of type 2 diabetics are looking backward to the natural remedies as key chances for a final cure that has been always debated, but it really exists. This is a report of review studies on herbal use for diabetes from All About Beating Diabetes.com

(PRWEB) November 30, 2012

Beating diabetes naturally without side effects remains the main challenge of the modern science. All-about-beating-diabetes.com believes in the success of this challenge and the natural healing therapy such as herbal cure, modified lifestyle and dietary habits, and other natural remedies for diabetes.

New cases of diabetes, particularly type 2, are on the rise where the main preoccupation remains the defects in the insulin action in the peripheral cells. A review study of nine countries found that up to 78% of type 2 diabetics are using natural remedies such as traditional herbs and spices due to their natural origin and less side effects.

Although allopathic and naturopathic therapies have been always in the center of many debates for the efficacy of the best among them; it remains a challenge to demonstrate the benefits of the traditionally used herbs and spices through scientific evidence according to another review study.

“The real challenge lies not in proving whether herbs and spices have health benefits, but in defining what these benefits are and developing the methods to expose them by scientific means”, researchers say.

The hypoglycemic herbs found to commonly being promoted to help manage blood sugar are bitter gourd, Gymnema sylvestre, fenugreek, ginseng and banaba.

In another comprehensive review study, the main actions of these herbs were concluded to be the improvement in insulin secretion, enhancement of glucose uptake by peripheral cells and improving insulin resistance; inhibited absorption of intestinal glucose and production of sugar by the liver.

The suppression of oxidative stress was also found helpful in the management of diabetes and its complications.

According to the review studies, overall, the result led to the improvement in the natural healing capacity of diabetics, which was perceived as an important step before the final cure.

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There is a lot of online data regarding the use and benefits of such herbs. One of them include the guide on using and benefits of the natural remedies for diabetes eBook at http://www.all-about-beating-diabetes.com/free-diabetes-books.html

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