Geology For Kids Should Start With A Rock Collection
December 3, 2012

Teach Your Children About Geology By Showing Them How To Get Their Hands Dirty

Rayshell Clapper for - Your Universe Online

The web has any number of resources about geology for kids, but I thought I would write about a more active option. Of course, the internet is invaluable as a source for information about what events are available as well as a source that provides good information about geology for kids. However, really more often than not, it is best to just get out and do it.

The “it” in this case is geology. Kids can experience geology in their own backyards, and parents can help inspire a child´s interest in geology by simply giving them a rock. Geology, at its core, is the study of the Earth and all the Earth´s functions. What better way is there to interest a kid than to have them start a rock collection?

Now, a rock collection should not be like other collections. Kids should not collect just for the sake of a collection; rather, with a rock collection, children need to collect and identify. They will need some sort of board to glue their rocks on as well as an identification book or website. The United States Geological Society has a fantastic article about rock collections.

Rock collections are geology for kids in action. What better way to interest kids in geology than to actually start them with a geological project? They can search for certain rocks. This will lead them to explore the world around them literally as well as provide them the opportunity to dig rocks up. They become explorers in order to find more samples for their rock collections. They will be able to play in the dirt while also seeking out their next find. That is definitely geology in action...and geology for kids.

Of course, we must balance activity with reading, so that is where the internet comes in. Once again, the United States Geological Society has some great resources about geology for kids of all ages. Parents would be hard pressed to find better sources; however, additional websites will only broaden geology for kids. redOrbit is always a great place to look for science information. There are also some websites specifically created to expose children to geology and all its information including the Online Education Database.

Geology is not just for adults; it is a subject that can and should interest kids, too. Rock collections are a great way to introduce geology to children. From there, they can only learn more and more about the fascinating Earth. Besides, what kid doesn´t love to dig? Geology is definitely for kids!