Creation Apologetics asks: How Long did it Take for the Creation of the Universe and Earth? Who Controls Time? Some New Papers Noted Below Answer these Questions

December 19, 2012

Some unique papers on the web site http://creationapologetics.net and below attempt to answer these puzzling questions: One paper is on time and 2nd one is on Numerology.

Jacksonville, Fl (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

Creation Apologetics has published a new paper on time. The paper indicates time is controlled by God and perhaps didn’t take effect as we know it until day 4. That is when we have the rotation of the earth about the sun. See the web site paper “Time use in the scriptures and a summary article on time” by T. J. Tofflemire http://creationapologetics.net/paper.html

We also did a new paper on Numerology- God’s use of numbers in scripture- which gives us some clues on creation events as in the attached paper: There are indications that on day one matter and energy were created, as they are related in E=MC2, and on day 2 there was completion of this process with stretching out of space (the firmament). After day 4 we have had 24 hr days. The creation of the universe on days 1&2 and their appearance on day 4 with the earth was also suggested by Dr. Hugh Ross. He suggested that the atmosphere cleared so the moon and stars could now be seen. The creation of the heavens and earth on day one is suggested in verse one and by those that favor the Gap theory. Some like Whiddon have suggested that the verses using the “let there be” phrase as opposed to “God created” could imply development over time, as used in days 1,2,3,4. http://www.aboutgenesis.com/id2.html

More information on creation can be found in Dr. Tofflemire’s book: Evidences for God and His Creations and on the web site: http://creationapologetics.net where you can leave a comment or comment on my blog: http://creationaplogetics.blogspot.com/

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