Dr. Jason Burke’s Vita Heaven Treats Male Hormone Imbalance While Educating Against Damaging Stereotypes

January 11, 2013

At Vita Heaven, veteran anesthesiologist Dr. Jason Burke offers comprehensive male hormone therapy as a necessary component of men’s health. As a recently added supplement to treatment, Dr. Burke educates family members and friends of male patients on negative stereotypes that can hinder and prevent men from seeking hormone therapy.

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) January 10, 2013

Dr. Jason Burke’s Vita Heaven provides diagnostic testing and comprehensive treatment of male hormone imbalance that builds upon research forged by pioneering endocrinologists Carl Hellers and Gordon Myers in 1944. As with menopause, there are numerous stereotypes and negative perceptions that confront male patients struggling with hormone imbalance, or andropause. With that in mind, Dr. Burke recently added an awareness component that educates family and friends of male patients on negative and oftentimes debilitating stereotypes that hinder and prevent men from seeking male hormone therapy and, consequently, living a more balanced and healthy life.

The sister company to Hangover Heaven, Vita Heaven is a premiere vitamin, nutrition, and wellness center that specializes in fueling the body, increasing efficiency, and enhancing overall performance. The health and wellness outcomes at Vita Heaven are achieved through prescription medicines paired with specially formulated IV therapies, injections and supplements. Many of the patients who visit Vita Heaven are men suffering from symptoms of hormone imbalance.

“Hormone imbalance among men has increased significantly and become more complex since the findings of Hellers and Myers in 1944. Research indicates we can attribute this increase and complexity to a variety of factors. Even men in their 20s are reporting symptoms that align with hormone imbalance. These symptoms include weight gain, sleep apnea, and hair loss, as well as loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction and depression. As problematic as these symptoms are, comprehensive hormone therapy administered by a knowledgeable physician can treat andropause and restore balance to what has become an unhealthy and compromised lifestyle,” stated Dr. Jason Burke.

A necessary supplement to male hormone therapy is the education component that addresses negative stereotypes of men dealing with hormone imbalance. Similar to the stereotypes women confront during menopause, these damaging labels associated with andropause run a destructive gamut from men being classified as having a midlife crisis to being described as old, dried up and useless. Dr. Burke educates family members and friends on constructive ways to avoid stereotypes that delay and, in some cases, prevent their male loved ones from receiving the medical treatment they need.

“As with any complex medical condition, the psychological component is key and must be included in the treatment. Research indicates more than 25 million US males deal with one or more aspects of andropause. We must cultivate a healthy environment devoid of destructive stereotypes that encourages men to get the treatment they deserve without shame. A major part of that process involves educating the public and making it aware of steps that can be taken to better support males during this difficult and frustrating time in their lives.”    

Vita Heaven’s comprehensive male hormone therapy is tailored to the individual patient and can include oral medications, injections, IV vitamin and mineral therapy, and other proven options selected by Dr. Burke. Once treatment has commenced, patients usually note a welcome change in their overall health. Benefits of male hormone therapy include better sleep patterns, restored sex drive, increased lean muscle mass, and reduced body weight and abdominal fat.

According to Dr. Burke, “When male hormone levels are appropriately balanced by a physician, the result is an overwhelming feeling of renewed energy, good health, and overall well-being. Add an educated and sensitive support system, and the benefits are multiplied exponentially.”

For more information on male hormone therapy or Dr. Burke’s Vita Heaven, please visit http://www.vitaheavenlv.com or send an email to vera(at)jasonburkemd(dot)org.

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