Hair Loss Product Now Offered in Maximum Strength at ProvillusHairClub.com

January 26, 2013

Hair loss product at provillushairclub.com is now offered in maximum strength online. This topical spray solution is one of the only products now sold in a maximum strength formula to help men target hair loss and regrow hair again.

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) January 27, 2013

Hair loss is one of the most common conditions in men that can occur naturally or unnaturally due to certain circumstances. A variety of treatment options exists for men to regrow hair and the http://www.provillushairclub.com website is now offering a maximum strength hair loss product online. This new and improved topical solution is one of few that is clinically tested to regrow hair in adults without the need for medical surgeries or other forms of restoration.

Follicle restoration is a process that includes taking hair known as donors from specific sections of the scalp. This process is often completed in more than one visit due to the amount of hairs that could be required to cover already balding or thinning areas. The follicles that are removed are implanted into needed areas on the front or rear portion of the head. As one alternative to this type of correction, the Provillus Hair Club website is providing its new topical spray.

The active ingredient inside of this solution is medically known as Minoxidil. Many over-the-counter treatments include a dosage of 2 percent of this FDA cleared ingredient. To help maximize the amount of new hair growth that is possible, the maximum strength Provillus spray solution includes a 5 percent dosage of Minoxidil. This larger amount is designed to target the problem areas of the scalp faster to begin hair regrowth upon immediate application.

The recommended application of the spray solution is up to 3 times daily. The growth patterns that are possible are expected to be noticeable by men who use this product on a regular basis. One of the benefits of sampling this new product from the ProvillusHairClub.com company website is the offer of a multiple package. To celebrate the launch of the new maximum dose formula, select orders are now paired with dual bottles for no cost to men sampling this product.

About Provillus Hair Club

The Provillus Hair Club website provides immediate access to men who are searching for topical solutions to treat hair loss. The hair restoration products that are now offered online by this company are tested and approved before sale. This company is now one of few online that provide discount prices for hair restoration products as an alternative to medical surgeries or other forms of hair correction. The Provillus Hair Club company provides a helpful online resource for men considering hair regrowth treatment options to help regain a thicker and healthier head of natural hair.

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