Hangover Heaven and Vita Heaven Take On Incompatibility During National Relationship Wellness Month

February 12, 2013

Vita Heaven and Hangover Heaven action items empower couples to increase their health and wellness compatibility during February’s National Relationship Wellness Month.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) February 12, 2013

Recent studies on divorce indicate one of the main causes of failed marriages is incompatibility. Incompatibility can manifest in different ways, including the manner in which couples practice health and wellness. In celebration of National Relationship Wellness Month, Dr. Burke’s Vita Heaven and Hangover Heaven offer action items that empower couples to increase their health and wellness compatibility.

Although many equate February with Valentine’s Day, February also serves as National Relationship Wellness Month. National Relationship Wellness Month urges couples to cultivate healthy habits in all aspects of the relationship. With studies highlighting incompatibility as a main contributor to high divorce rates, couples are encouraged to implement lifestyle choices that enhance compatibility, teamwork, and well-being. Founder of Vita Heaven and Hangover Heaven Dr. Jason Burke views National Relationship Wellness Month as a perfect opportunity for couples to conduct a self-exam to determine the overall health of the relationship.

Dr. Burke offers the following action items for couples committed to increasing health and wellness compatibility during National Relationship Wellness Month.

Male hormone imbalance is a relationship issue Dr. Burke treats regularly at Vita Heaven, a premiere vitamin, nutrition, and wellness center. Male hormone imbalance, or andropause, typically surfaces in men during their 30s; however, research suggests some men as early as their 20s suffer with some aspect of male hormone imbalance. With male hormone imbalance, various aspects of health are compromised, including weight gain, low self-esteem, and impaired sexual performance. These compromises have an impact on the health of a relationship.

At Vita Heaven, Dr. Burke treats male hormone imbalance by offering comprehensive therapy to male patients while educating both members of the relationship on techniques that contribute to a healthy and supportive environment.

“More than 25 million males in the US deal with andropause. Comprehensive medical therapy is important, but the couple must also work on cultivating a healthy environment at home absent of shame, accusations, and debilitating stereotypes. Since both members of the relationship are impacted with a hormone imbalance diagnosis, the two must work together on maintaining a healthy, intimate relationship,” stated Dr. Burke.

Action Item: Recognize the role balanced hormones play in a healthy relationship. If hormone imbalance occurs, comprehensive hormone therapy and education are key to creating a lasting, intimate relationship.

Divergent drinking habits represent an additional compatibility hurdle some couples face. Duke University’s Center for Health Policy, Law and Management found discrepancies in alcohol consumption between spouses were related to increased probability of subsequent divorce. A couple’s drinking health is tested even more during Valentine’s Day and other holidays that encourage alcohol consumption. At Hangover Heaven, the only medical practice in the world dedicated to the study, prevention, and treatment of hangovers, Dr. Burke witnesses the physical and emotional impact a relationship endures when partners have different drinking habits.

“Drinking habits that are in opposition can lead to physical and emotional problems in the relationship. At Hangover Heaven, we provide preventive options and treatment for those who overindulge, but we also educate couples on healthy and sustainable ways to include alcohol in their lives. With Valentine’s Day positioned right in the middle of Relationship Wellness Month, I urge couples to keep the health of the relationship in mind as they enjoy their drinks of choice.”

Action Item: Legal age adults should adopt a healthy and sustainable method of incorporating alcohol into their relationship.

Nutritional health is another area in which incompatibility can start to surface. Many couples lead demanding and overextended lifestyles that often neglect proper nutrition. Poor nutrition leads to weight gain, low energy levels, and a body that functions in a compromised state. These issues inevitably have an impact on the health of the relationship. At Vita Heaven, Dr. Burke provides couples with vitamin therapies that combat issues related to poor nutrition.    

According to Dr. Burke, “Research suggests as many as 9 out of 10 Americans are deficient in key nutrients. In less than 45 minutes, Vita Heaven’s vitamin therapy safely delivers 10-20 times the amount of nutrition a person usually consumes orally in one day. Vitamin therapy reboots the system and gets you functioning at a level that both you and your significant other will appreciate.”

Action Item: Poor nutrition compromises the health of the relationship. Utilize vitamin therapy and other healthy options available to improve the nutritional health of the relationship.

For more information, please visit http://www.vitaheavenlv.com or http://www.hangoverheaven.com.

Dr. Jason Burke is a veteran anesthesiologist practicing in Las Vegas, NV. He garnered international media attention when he launched Hangover Heaven, the only medical practice dedicated to the study, prevention, and treatment of veisalgia. Vita Heaven, a premiere vitamin, nutrition, and wellness center, was created by Dr. Burke as a complement to Hangover Heaven in that it cures hangovers caused by the demands of life. For more information, please contact Vera at 424-216-8617.

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