Arterial Hypertension Treatment with Siberian Pine Nut Oil

March 25, 2013

Pine Nut Oil.org released clinical study for Siberian pine nut oil in the comprehensive treatment of patients with arterial hypertension.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 25, 2013

In patients with arterial hypertension who are receiving basic hypertension treatment, the consumption of a 17.5 g daily dose of Siberian pine nut oil demonstrated a cholesterol lowering effect, was accompanied by the normalization of the lipid spectrum of the blood and systolic pressure, and a decrease in excess body mass.

The prime objective in treating a patient with arterial hypertension is to lower his elevated blood pressure and thereby reduce the risk of the onset of cardiovascular complications that occur, as is well known, on the background of an elevated level of cholesterol in the blood and general obesity.

The goal of this study is to determine the level of effectiveness of using of Siberian oil in the comprehensive therapy of arterial hypertension.

Doctor Vika Budaeva (Medical Doctor, Professor of Biysk Institute of Technology, I. I. Polzunov Altai State Technical University, Biysk, Russia) said: “In our study we used Siberian pine nut oil from http://www.SiberianPineNutOil.org, made according to the original technology of cold-pressing. It is a transparent liquid with the color of golden straw, a delicate nutty taste, and a characteristic aroma. The oil is obtained by the cold pressing of selected shelled kernels. The oil obtained in this manner is packed only in a glass container. The produced oil is unrefined and therefore the most valuable, since it preserves the natural fatty-acid composition of the kernel of the pine nut, tocopherols, sterols, phosphatides, and other native biologically active components, which ensure an extended shelf life of the product.”

Doctor V. Budaeva explained that “The study was conducted with the participation of two groups of patient-participants in the “School for Arterial Hypertension Patients” at Municipal Hospital No. 4 at Biysk. The basic group and control group did not differ in the age of the subjects or the expression of arterial hypertension (I-II stage), the blood content of total cholesterol, and also the body mass index. Patients in both groups received basic hypertension therapy and followed the recommendations for their diet. Patients of the first, basic group, in distinction to the second, control group, over the course of three months took a daily dose of 17.5 g of Siberian pine nut oil (as desired: on an empty stomach, one tablespoon twice a day, or during the consumption of meals, as part of vegetable salads).”

Doctor Budaeva stated that “In patients of the first group, after one month, a substantial lowering of the level of LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and the atherogenic index was detected, after three months the lipid reducing effect of Siberian pine nut oil was even more pronounced. The level of HDL cholesterol in patients who received oil reliably increased after one month by 35%, and after three months, by 29% from the initial point. As a result, indicators, such as the level of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides reached the target value, while the level of LDL cholesterol was close to it. The atherogenic index, although decreased by 40%, did not reach the target value (2.6), but came to 2.9.

The results obtained make it possible to conclude that – Siberian pine nut oil in the comprehensive therapy of arterial hypertension makes it possible to lower the magnitude of patients’ blood pressure, the content of cholesterol in their blood, and their body mass index. Thus, Siberian pine nut oil may be used for the treatment of arterial hypertension in persons with accompanying obesity, hyperlipoidemia and hypercholesterolemia with the goal of correcting risk factors and the prevention of cardiovascular complications.

Also doctor Filchenko noticed that “in the market there were detected counterfeits of cold pressed extra virgin Siberian pine nut oil in different packages, in bottles and gel capsules. Counterfeit and low quality Siberian pine nut oil does not possess above mentioned properties. The best advice is not to take needless risks, and obtain genuine cold pressed extra virgin Siberian Pine Nut Oil from official producer PineNutOil.org”

These recommendations have been formulated by:

M.D, Professor V. V. Budaeva,

Y. V. Bakhtin,

A. L. Vereshchagin,

E. Yu. Egorova,

E. E. Zhukova,

A. S. Saratikov

Biysk Institute of Technology, I. I. Polzunov Altai State Technical University, Biysk

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