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May 8, 2013

Big Story Weather – May 8, 2013

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly.

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather from May 7: The big story of the day was the heavy rain that remained over parts of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic along with a few severe weather reports back over the Southern Plains.

Big Story Weather Discussion for May 8: The low pressure over the East Coast moved very little overnight so expect another wet day from the Southeast to the Mid-Atlantic. This evening it will start to move into the Northeast to places like Boston and New York. High pressure over the Great Lakes will bring one more nice day to the region. The new storm system over the Southern Plains will start to expand eastward. Thunderstorms will be possible along the front over the Southern Plains as well. A nice day out West where things should remain dry and warm, although the fire danger will be high for the area.

Severe Weather: Today´s severe weather threat looks to be from Oklahoma northeastward into Missouri and parts of Arkansas.

Tropical Weather: No tropical weather forecasted for the United States over the next 24 hours.

Here is the weather for a few select cities:

Boston MA: Mostly cloudy with a chance for showers by this evening. High temps will be around 68F and overnight lows will fall to near 55F. Total rainfall today will be around 0.25 inches.

Mobile AL: Partly cloudy and nice today with a high near 78F and overnight lows around 68F.

Sioux Falls SD: Mostly cloudy with a few showers possible. High temps will be around 60F and overnight low temps will fall to around 54F. Total rainfall today will be around 0.15 inches.

Salt Lake City UT: Partly cloudy skies with a high near 64F. Overnight lows will be around 54F.

Portland OR: Partly cloudy skies with a high near 65F. Overnight lows will be near 57F.

May 8, 2013 Storm Tracker Update:

Atlantic Basin: Low pressure moving towards Eastern Europe will bring showers to the region today,. Another area of low pressure is moving towards England and Spain. Expect to see rain with this system as well. A third area of low pressure is moving into Iceland and Greenland and will bring rain and snow showers along with gusty winds to the region. Low pressure moving up the East Coast will bring another day of showers to the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic.

Eastern Pacific: Low pressure will be moving across the Southern Plains today bringing with it showers and thunderstorms, some of which may be severe. An area of low pressure moving through the Gulf of Alaska will bring showers and a few snow showers to Southern Alaska. Another area of disturbed weather to the east of Hawaii will bring showers and winds to the open seas.

Western Pacific: Low pressure moving towards the date line will bring winds and seas to mariners. A second area of low pressure will be moving along Eastern China. Expect to see showers with this and a few thunderstorms as well. An area of strong convection is located to the east of Manila and will bring a few showers to the island later this afternoon.

Indian Ocean: Two areas of convection located south of India are still being watched for possible tropical development as they drift slowly to the west.

Southern Hemisphere: Low pressures continue to transverse the open ocean. We are expecting an area of low pressure to bring showers to Argentina. A second low pressure will impact Western Australia with showers and thunderstorms, some which may become severe especially around Perth.

Five-Day Storm Index Outlook for May 8-12:

Boston MA: The period will see light rain over the next few days which will put the area in a slight impact during this time. The period will finish impact free.

Mobile AL: The area will start impact free. By May 10-11 a cold front will bring some thunderstorms to the region creating a slight to moderate impact on the area.

Sioux Falls SD: The region will see slight impacts today with a few showers. The rest of the period will be impact free.

Salt Lake City UT: Over the next five days the region will be free of impacts.

Portland OR: The period will start out impact free. By the end of the period there will be some showers moving into the region which will create a slight impact for the area.

Climate Watch for May 3-7:

Boston MA: The period has seen temps ranging from about 8-10 degrees below normal. Yesterday finally temps were around 9 degrees above normal.

Mobile AL: The period started with temps around 9 degrees above normal before spending the rest of the time with temps about 7-12 degrees below normal.

Sioux Falls SD: The start of the period saw temps around 5-26 degrees below normal and then finished the period with temps around 8 degrees above normal.

Salt Lake City UT: The past five days the region has enjoyed temps around 2-10 degrees above normal.

Portland OR: The region has enjoyed temps running about 9-19 degrees above normal for the past five days.

Major Weather Impacts Discussion for May 8, 2013:

Day 1-3: The pesky low pressure along the East Coast will again bring rain showers to the region from the Carolinas northward through the Mid-Atlantic and then this evening the Northeast. Another low pressure area over the Southern Plains will bring showers and thunderstorms to the region. Some severe weather will be possible from Oklahoma into Missouri today. Most of the West will enjoy a dry day today. By day two the low pressure area will move up into the Northeast. Expect to see moderate rainfall in the region. Another low pressure area will be moving into the Great Lakes and the frontal boundary will extend to the Gulf Coast. Expect to see showers and thunderstorms along this boundary. Some severe weather may be possible over the Gulf Coast. High pressure over the Plains will keep the Northern Plains dry. A few spotty showers will be possible over the West. The period will finish with the low pressure area in the Northeast, a trailing cold front along the East Coast, and a stationary boundary along the Gulf Coast where the region will see plenty of rainfall and even some strong thunderstorms - especially along the Gulf Coast and Southeast. A clipper system will be moving through Southeast Canada and will bring a few thunderstorms to the Northern Plains, while high pressure builds in over the Northern Plains behind the cold front. Most of the West will remain dry.

Day 4-7: The period will start with the frontal boundary finally clearing the coast with one more day of showers possible along the Gulf Coast. High pressure over the Northern Plains will build in and bring tranquil weather to a large part of the country. A frontal boundary will scrape parts of the Northwest with a few showers. By day five a few showers will be seen in the West, otherwise the rest of the country will see high pressure and dry weather. By day six high pressure will be over the Ohio River Valley bringing partly cloudy skies to most of the East Coast. A clipper system will move through the Northern Plains bringing a few thunderstorms to the region. High pressure over the West will keep most of the region dry. The period will finish with high pressure over the Southeast and a weak frontal boundary moving through the Great Lakes bringing some showers to the region.

Day 8-12: The period will start with high pressure along the Southeast, while the clipper system moving through the Great Lakes will send a cold front down towards the Central Plains. Along this frontal boundary expect to see showers and thunderstorms. A new low will try to develop over the Oklahoma region. The West will enjoy another warm and dry day. By day ten another frontal boundary will extend from the Mid-Atlantic back towards the Gulf Coast. Some showers and thunderstorms will be along this boundary. By day eleven there will be a frontal boundary along the East Coast producing showers and a few thunderstorms, while another storm system pushes into the Plains region. The period will finish with the frontal boundary over the entire East Coast extending back into the Southeast and parts of the Gulf Coast. Expect to see showers along this boundary and the chance for isolated thunderstorms. High pressure over the Plains will keep the West and Plains dry.

Long Range Outlook: The long range outlook will begin with a storm system moving out of the Rockies and into the Northern Plains which will bring showers and some thunderstorms to the region. The middle of the period will have the low pressure moving into the Dakotas bringing some thunderstorms to the area. The period will finish with the storm system still impacting the Northern Plains with some thunderstorms, rain and also the chance for severe weather.

Today's Spotlight Forecast is for Rapid City SD:

Wednesday: Partly cloudy and mild with a high near 72F. Winds from the northeast 5-10mph as overnight lows drop to around 50F.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy with a few thunderstorms. High temps will be around 68F and overnight lows will fall to around 49F. Winds will be from the southeast 5-10mph and total precipitation will be around 0.05 inches.

Friday: Partly cloudy and warmer with a high near 74F. Winds will be from the northwest 10-15mph as overnight lows fall to around 42F.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy and cooler with a high near 62F. Winds from the southeast 7-12mph as overnight lows fall to around 46F.

Sunday: Partly cloudy and warmer with a high near 77F. Winds will be from the southwest 7-12mph as overnight lows fall to around 59F.

Ask The Weatherman for May 8, 2013:

Question: What is the difference between continental and marine time air masses?

Answer: Another great question today. The answer to this is quite simple. Continental air masses form over land so they are dry air masses. Marine time air masses form over the water which makes them moist air masses.

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Green Energy Weather Report for May 8, 2013:

Wave Energy: The wave energy will be moderate along the entire East Coast today from south to north as the frontal boundary finally begins to push out to sea very slowly, but it will increase the wave energy for the region. The Northern Gulf Coast will have low levels of wave energy today, while the West Coast will see moderate amounts of wave energy.

Solar Energy: The extreme Northeast around Maine will have some solar energy today, along with the Gulf Coast and into Florida. The next big solar region will be over the Great Lakes and the Northern Plains. The majority of the west will also be enjoying solar energy.

Wind Energy: The strongest spot for wind energy today will be behind the low pressure area over West Virginia and also behind the new low pressure area over the Southwest.

Hydro-Energy: The Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic will have plenty of rainfall today for some good short term energy. This evening the Northeast will start to get some of that rainfall. The Central and Southern Plains will enjoy some much needed rainfall that will help create some short term energy results as well.

May 8 Weather and Your Wallet (Cleveland OH):

A few showers are going to move through the region early this afternoon.

Dining: This morning will be great for grabbing breakfast outside. Showers this afternoon will give way to a nice evening to get out and enjoy dinner.

Transportation: A small bump in traffic around the noon rush hour as showers will get the roads wet.

Shopping: Today will be an overall nice day to shop with the exception of this afternoon as a few showers pass through the area.

Electricity: There will be the need for some heating overnight as the low temps drop to around 47F. The total HDD´s for the day will be at 9.5.

Yard Work: This afternoon there will be a small window of time that the garden and flowers will be able to grow with the forecasted GDD´s around 5.5 on the day.

Construction: A nice day to work outside, with the exception of this afternoon when there may be a small window of time that you will want to move indoors.

Outdoor Venues: This evening if you have any outdoor plans such as walking in the park or down the board walk it should be a nice night for that.