Weatherproofing Advisors Announces that Making All Roofs White is an Answer to Global Warming

May 9, 2013

Lighter colored roofs could offset 150 billion tons of CO2, states Weatherproofing Advisors, Ltd., the UK’s leader in Industrial and Commercial Roofing Services.

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

Weatherproofing Advisors, Ltd. recently recommended that if all roofs worldwide would be painted white, this change could have the equivalent impact on the climate to that of taking all the world´s cars off the road for 50 years.

The recommendation is based on the work by Hashem Akbari and colleagues of Concordia University in Montreal. Estimates for these studies used the amount of urban roofs and pavement surfaces globally, combined with climate models, to determine the effect on global temperatures of changing the reflectivity of the surface, known as it albedo.

Albedo values range from zero , for a completely black surface, to one, for a perfectly white surface. Akbari´s team said resurfacing roofs could easily increase their albedo values by 0.25 on average. This change would translate to an overall increase in albedo for an entire city that currently has an average of around 0.1.

“This is a thousand-year-old technology” he said. “Look all around the Middle East. Places like Greece and the Bahamas also have traditionally incorporated white roofs”, he said.

While the U.K has by no means as many days of sunshine as the Middle East, about 1550-1600 hours are typical. The current Conservative government should be advised to take note of this idea after the solar subsidy fiasco of 2011. Here the UK saw prime minister David Cameron come under criticism and accusation of putting thousands of jobs at risk when he abandoned solar subsidies.

A scheme similar to New York´s CoolRoof´s program, which provides no-cost labor to coat roofs and has whitened 2.5 million square feet of roofs which is the equivalent of 750 New Yorkers not driving for a year, could see the conservatives take steps towards winning back the green votes they have alienated with their subsidy cuts.

http://www.weatherproofing.co.uk/, a leading national roofing contractor, explains that painting roods white is not the only option. “It´s the infrared radiation that roofs need to reflect first and foremost to avoid the heat. Higher tech roofing materials exist that are dark yet still reflect infrared light. These come in a variety of colors creating better aesthetics for the consumer. We dedicate a lot of time educating our customers about the benefits of green roofing.”

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