Center for Advanced Cyber Studies: New Research Article “State Actors’ Offensive Cyberoperations: The Disruptive Power Of Systematic Cyberattacks”

May 31, 2013

Using the development of the battle tank as an analogy, the authors explore the Internet´s militarization. The technology used is old, but the ideas are revolutionary.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Center for Advanced Cyber Studies: A few nation states have started leveraging the Internet for geopolitical state gains. The risks on the Internet have drastically increased as states become involved in cyber operations, because the earlier limiting factor has not been tools or abilities, but instead the ability to use these dual-use cyber weapons in a proper military way.

Jan Kallberg, PhD is one of the authors of an research article published in IEEE IT-Professional’s May-June 2013 issue. According to Dr. Kallberg the public sentiment seems to be that Internet security has continually increased over the past 20 years, and recent advancements in client

computer security have contributed to a population that largely trusts, and is at ease with, the Internet.

“People use online banking, run their businesses in the cloud, and rely on net-supported transactions. The limited abilities and resources of early attackers largely contained most threats. Attacks were primarily carried out through digital smash-and-grab thefts of credit card numbers and personal information, resulting in marginal financial damage. The entrance of state actors as attackers reverses the trajectory of Internet security and extends the potential for damage”, Dr. Kallberg stated.

According to Dr. Kallberg, the threat no longer engulfs just individuals and businesses but also entire nations. State actors, nations that seek to be able to cyber attack other nations, have a different agenda than cyber criminals. He continues, “cyber criminals mainly wanted a quick return by a few unauthorized uses of stolen credit cards but nation states want societal destabilization and influence adversarial populations”. According to Dr. Kallberg has the entrance of the state actor reversed the trajectory to a safer Internet.

A copy of the article “State Actors´ Offensive Cyberoperations: The Disruptive Power of Systematic Cyberattacks” can be provided. Email a request to jkallberg(at)cyberdefense(dot)com.

About Jan Kallberg, PhD

Jan Kallberg’s academic website Cyberdefense and Dr. Jan Kallberg’s LinkedIn page listing several works in the fields of cyber operations, cyberdefense, cyber deterrence, and cyber security. Other listings for Dr. Kallberg’s works in offensive cyber operations, national security, and defense are listed in Google Scholar and the Cyberdefense web.

Center for Advanced Cyber Studies is a research group lead by Dr. Jan Kallberg. The center is a platform for collaboration and joint project in cyber defense and cyber operations studies. Dr. Kallberg can be reached by email jkallberg(at)cyberdefense(dot)com.

Dr. Kallberg, founder of Center for Advanced Cyber Studies, is open to be interviewed in regard to cyber security, offensive cyber operations, cyber deterrence, cyber superiority, threats and opportunities of a militarized cyber space.

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