Linda Tripp Ends Self-Imposed Ban on Media: Weighs in on Snowden, Benghazi and IRS Overreach

July 12, 2013

In an exclusive one-hour sit-down with the host of The Costa Report, Rebecca Costa, Linda Tripp ended her self-imposed ban on speaking to the press.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

Linda Tripp – a career civil servant who was hounded by the media during the 1998 Clinton-Lewinsky scandal – is in the news again. In an exclusive one-hour sit-down with the host of The Costa Report, Rebecca Costa, Tripp ended her self-imposed ban on speaking to the press.

When asked why she chose to come forward at this time, Tripp said that recent events in the news have compelled her to speak publically. Tripp, who served in the Oval Office corridor in the West Wing of the White House under Presidents Bush and Clinton, told Costa that information put forth by the present administration is “incomprehensible” and has caused her to break her silence.

During her interview on The Costa Report, Tripp expressed concerns over the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi that resulted in the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. “I want to know why basic security protocols were not administered in Benghazi. Security protocol demands that all ambassadors – ALL – be accompanied by a security detail at ALL times. When you’re talking about a country like Libya – with such a high security risk –why was there no armed security with him (Stevens) in Benghazi?” When Costa asked Tripp whether it was unusual for the Situation Room to lose communication with the President, Tripp responded, “It just plain doesn’t happen. The President is never out of touch with the Situation Room.”

Tripp also expressed worry about recent revelations that the IRS targeted White House enemies. When asked whether it was unusual for the Commissioner of the IRS to be cleared for 157 visits to the White House, Tripp noted, “Under Bush . . . the IRS Commissioner was at the White House once in four years. And from my perspective that would be just about what you’d expect.“ She continued, “There is no way – rogue or otherwise – an Ohio satellite office would take on a political hot potato like political enemies of the current administration… everything they do is by directive.”

Tripp was also forthcoming when asked about the persecution of whistleblowers in Washington DC. According to Tripp, the release of NSA classified documents by Edward Snowden could have been avoided if H.R.985 – known as the “Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act”- had been enacted. H.R.985 created a legal pathway for intelligence workers and other government employees to come forward when they uncovered wrongdoing. In 2007, the House passed H.R.985 by a 331 to 94 margin, but Tripp believes intelligence agencies put pressure on the Senate and White House not to pass the bill because they worried the it would open the floodgates to more whistleblowers. “And what’s wrong with that?” explained Tripp. “I’d rather have a whistleblower come forward with evidence of (government) malfeasance, illegal activity, fraud, waste, and abuse, and let them have a path through Congress, and through judiciary redress, where they have the protection of the court.”

Tripp’s greatest concern? Accountability. “With accountability comes consequences. And we don’t have that anymore. What we have is laying into the messenger . . .”

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About Linda Tripp

Linda Tripp was a career civil servant in the United States government. She worked for Army Intelligence at Fort Meade prior to being transferred to the Pentagon in 1987 where she became an assistant to Delta Force. Tripp worked in the West Wing of the White House under both the Bush and Clinton administrations. During the Clinton-Lewinski scandal Tripp provided evidence of perjury to Special Counsel Kenneth Starr and was subsequently transferred back to the Pentagon.

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