RKNet Studio Announced 21 Bridge Intelligence Game for Cognitive Skills Testing and Development for Success in Life

July 17, 2013

For success in the 21st century global economy, people need higher level of cognitive skills to learn and develop critical skills needed in the modern work place. Intelligence games like 21 Bridge help to test and develop cognitive skills.

Middletown, NJ (PRWEB) July 17, 2013

Anant Goel, Developer at RKNet stated: "The world is changing and changing rapidly. And the key to developing a generation of successful innovators is to encourage the convergence of art, business, creativity, innovation, engineering, and science.”

"It is critical that we educate and empower our youth with skills for the global economy. Basic education of 3R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) is just not enough to survive or succeed. One must develop critical skills that are required in the 21st century global work place."

Following are the building blocks of every program proposed for 21st Century skills:

  •     Information Literacy: The ability to quickly find useful and reliable information.
  •     Collaboration: Working together to share, advocate, and compromise on issues critical to team’s success.
  •     Communication: The ability to properly read, write, present, and comprehend ideas between a variety of mediums and audiences.
  •     Creativity & Innovation: Creativity is about unleashing the potential of the mind to conceive new ideas. Innovation, on the other hand, is measurable and is about making an idea viable.
  •     Problem Solving: Experimentation of new and familiar concepts while processing new information until a viable solution is reached.
  •     Cognitive Skills: There is a powerful relationship between cognitive skills and how well we read, listen, remember, and pay attention. Several more skills are responsible for how information is acquired, processed, retained and recalled.

There are many initiatives underway to teach students the 21st Century skills. However, cognitive skills are not taught in schools.

Children need to develop cognitive abilities and perceptual skills to make all learning possible and raise their achievement level. When these skills are strong, learning is easy. If even one of these cognitive skills is weak, learning is more difficult. Weak cognitive skills impact school performance, career success, even confidence and self-esteem for a lifetime.

Cognitive abilities and perceptual skills are not “all or nothing” abilities. Every student develops his/her cognitive abilities to a lesser or greater degree… but each student is expected to have optimum level of core cognitive skills, fitness and stamina for group-learning in a class environment.

Teaching the ability to learn should be considered equally as important a goal as is a mastery of prescribed content. If the students don’t have the requisite skills needed for learning curricular content, regardless of what intelligence such content might involve, attempts to correct content deficiencies are most likely waste of time.

Testing for cognitive skills of a child or an adult is an expensive proposition, and may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Many cognitive skills educators and clinics use the Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Abilities, and charge a small fortune for testing.

However, not every one has access to cognitive skills development facilities or programs… and certainly don’t have thousands of dollars for cognitive testing or training.

Based on evidence, RKNet has demonstrated how intelligence games like 21 Bridge can be used for one-on-one cognitive skills testing and development.

Anant Goel stated: “Intelligence game 21 Bridge highlights the cognitive skills engaged, keeps score to monitor player’s progress, and at the end of the game it grades player’s cognitive skills level."

To test cognitive skills:

  •     Download a game of 21 Bridge on the tablet, and find a quiet place to play with as few distractions as possible.
  •     Complete one full game session, playing against the computer.
  •     At the end of the game session; winner is announced, scores are recorded, and the player's cognitive skills are graded.
  •     Play as often as you like, and monitor the cognitive skills development and progress for life.

Everyone has some cognitive abilities, but not everyone's abilities are the same. People can, at any age, improve their cognitive capacity, speed and accuracy. When they do, everything that relies on those skills gets easier, faster, and more efficient.

Intelligence game 21 Bridge can be downloaded on tablets from Google PLAY Store or the Apple APP Store.

Launch Press: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1nLhrvZxbg

Download from Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rknetstudio.bridge

Download from App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/21-bridge/id623725250?ls=1&mt=8

About RKNet Studios:

Founded in 2007, RKNet Studio develops digital media content and mobile apps for global audiences. Created by NJBIN award winning team; Cognitions Bridge mobile games are for education, entertainment, brain fitness, and cognitive skills development. The developers bring over 40 years of experience in technology, Applied Cognitive Psychology, communications, and operating systems for critical Nuclear Power Control Room environments.

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