Casemachine Announces a New Composite Case for the HTC One Flagship Phone

July 21, 2013

Casemachine, LLC has officially announced that it will be making a new TPU-polycarbonate composite case for HTC’s latest flagship phone, the HTC One. The case is named as the Casemachine CS1 Evolution Case for HTC One.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 21, 2013

Following the immense success of the HTC One, the design engineers spent hours of hours to design a racecar inspired case for the phone that complements its beautiful design and does not take away the natural inherent beauty HTC has exuded using premium all-aluminum design.

Unlike HTC’s strategy to go with a unibody design with an all-aluminum chasis for the new HTC One, Casemachine has created a TPU-polycarbonate phone case that provides durable scratch resistance and looks stylish, making the latest flagship phone look unique and elegant. Casemachine strategy with the new CS1 Evolution Case for HTC One is to design a racecar inspired smartphone case that is both reliable and perfectly crafted to give a premium feel to the touch.

“HTC One users do not really have a wide range of options available to customize their new phone,” said the company’s head of customer relations. “With that being said, I firmly believe that once the CS1 Evolution case is out, HTC One owners won’t need to find another case for a long, long time. It’s very simple – our design engineers craft accessories which are meant to serve two purposes for a long period of time: unmatched detailing and durable protection. This is why our previous smartphone cases have seen great demand, running out of stock at times.”

The company has stated that the Casemachine CS1 Evolution Case for HTC One will be a snap-on composite case which will have the framework made up of easy grip, touch friendly TPU backed by an interchangeable, snapped-on outer shell made of premium polycarbonate polymer. The outer shell on the all new Casemachine CS1 Evolution Case for HTC One doesn’t let the case loosen up around the corners and provides a very tight feel.

Casemachine design engineers will craft the outer shell in various race-car inspired rich shades to add more details to the phone’s rear panel. The official Casemachine logo will also be present on the outer shell. To protect the volume switch, the new Evolution case for HTC One will have its own stylish volume switch with responsive buttons to protect and add a compelling touch to the sides. The volume switch will be in black to contrast the base color of the outer shell on the new Evolution case.

Apart from customization, Casemachine has placed great emphasis on the fact that the TPU-polycarbonate composite absorbs all vibrant moves and shocks without letting the beautiful HTC device face any harm. The case was officially announced through the Casemachine Facebook page in June and Casemachine has also stated that it has plans to craft elite composite cases for Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini as well later this year.

For any further information regarding the latest Casemachine products, please join the newly designed Casemachine Community through the company’s official website.

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