Effective Environmental Services Publishes New Informative Articles

July 24, 2013

EES recently launched new articles written by Clifford Woods, CEO of Effective Environmental Services & Organic Environmental Technology, to provide customers with general advice for safer, chemical-free ways to live.

Lake View Terrace, California (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Effective Environmental Services has developed a range of natural products designed to decontaminate and clean up harmful conditions and improve present surroundings through the elimination of slime and sludge. The company recently launched a series of new articles, written by Clifford Woods, CEO of Effective Environmental Services & Organic Environmental Technology, to provide customers with general advice for safer, chemical-free ways to live. The topics covered range from basic lawn care to hydroponics.

Below are a few of the latest featured articles and what the articles cover on http://effens.com/.

1. Lawn and Garden Care

Bacteria, microorganisms and microbes help to make nourishment accessible in the soil for plants in a way that makes it easy for the plants to use. Microorganisms produce a few of these nutrients, Mother Earth makes hers while we add what else is needed. A number of microorganisms take in vitamins and minerals while some bacteria consume the microbes that have ingested the nutrients. As a result, this breaks the vitamins and minerals down into an even smaller form to allow them to be assimilated considerably more effectively by the plants.

2. The Truth About Air Fresheners

If you buy air fresheners for your home or office, it's best that you stop using them and throw them in the trash. You may find this tough to believe, but those nice-smelling air fresheners consist of chemicals which can be quite dangerous. To make matters even worse, you will discover that there are no labeling specifications to warn you and even "organic" goods may have toxic compounds.

3. Composting

The alteration of waste material into useful fertilizer is exactly what we call composting. It is an all-natural process that we can all take part in. Don't think that it is an activity that requires a large amount of space outside as there are methods to carry out indoor composting without the presence of a mess or the odor.

4. Mold Free

Preserving a mold-free residence can be quite the laborious task. If it isn't kept up on a daily basis, it will surely become overwhelming, particularly if you reside in a location which has a large amount of moisture or dampness in the air throughout particular seasons of the year.

5. Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a sub-category of hydro-culture, which is the growing of plants in water with the use of nutritional treatments. It is a soil-less way of growing. Hydroponics ended up being considerably more beneficial when compared with soil culture, mainly for the reason that infestations are very easy to regulate in this kind of system. In natural circumstances, soil acts as a vitamin nutrient depository, however the soil itself is not necessary for plant growth. As soon as the mineral nutrients within the ground break down in water, plant roots are then capable of taking them in.

6. Algae

Numerous pond owners are often misunderstood with regards to the existence of algae within their ponds. In the location where the water quality is not taken care of, ammonia quantities will increase which has an effect on the wellness of fish. In most cases, it will eventually lead to inadequate gill functionality which will make it difficult, eventually impossible, for the fish to breathe. Aside from the destructive effect on fish, the occurrence of enormous quantities of algae can bring about an unappealing visual aspect.

To read about more of the above posts, and to check our even more articles, check out http://www.effectiveenvironmentalservices.com/articles.html.

The latest articles and more information about their products can be found at their main website http://effens.com/.

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