ispace1 Has Incorporated Many Social Media Networking Types In One Place

July 24, 2013

Ispace1 is the only social media site that is bold enough to combine many different networks into one platform, and the site gives its users the flexibility to use the networking site for various different purposes.

(PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Up until now, users usually have to go to different sites to achieve different goals, for instance, one site for social media, one for professional networking, one for dating, one for posting updates, and so on. Whereas, ispace1 has combined most of these main aspects into their site so that no one has to go anywhere else to meet their networking goals.

Another advantage of this system is that users can look for others who belong to just one type or more than one type of network, either individually or in combination; for instance, let’s say that one is looking for a new friend, or for a business partner, or for someone who can be both, a friend as well as a business partner. Members can easily do all of these options on ispace1 by making the relevant choices in their account.

On this site, it is possible to combine two or more networking types and look for others who belong to them either individually or jointly. All users ispace1 will have the option to choose which specific types of networking they are interested in and based on that others will be able to connect with them in many different ways.

It needs to be mentioned that user must only choose the relevant network types or else they may be get inundated with a lot of irrelevant content. For this reason, it is very important to carefully choose the ispace1 networking types so that one can get relevant connections.

By default, every new user will get just the main generic networking type checked automatically. This is the default networking type option and it can’t be unchecked and all members will belong to this type, but users will be able to add more networking options after creating an ispace1 account.

The above is just a small example what the site can actually do. After opening a free account on ispace1, one will be in a better position to see which networks are relevant to them and which ones are not.

About ispace1.com:

ispace1 i1 network is the next generation online networking platform that helps people and organizations connect and share with others. It’s not just into reconnecting with old contacts but more about discovering and connecting with new ones. It combines the best of social and professional networking into one like never before. It’s more than just a simple networking website. It provides an open platform where users can connect and share with each other in many different ways. It also gives users complete privacy preferences where they can control almost every part of their account. Open a free personal or business account in less than sixty seconds and give a try to the next big thing. (ispace1 i1 network and EZ solutions test prep series books are founded by Punit Raja SuryaChandra.)

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