ispace1 Is The First Social Media Site To Have Taken A Completely Different Route

July 25, 2013

Ispace1 has implemented a social media route that is anything but traditional or usual. The site is adamant on taking an unusual approach by integrating different facets of networking and thereby breaking all the norms that currently exist.

(PRWEB) July 25, 2013

The site came up with something that others are not doing or even dared to try. They found a niche for themselves, something that no one thought of and that’s why ispace1 has a totally unique approach unlike any other site.

The site wishes to reduce the gaps and remove the boundaries that still exist so prominently among different social media sites. The ispace1 folks are completely held back on trying to create a unified space where everyone can potentially do everything without any restrictions or limitations whatsoever.

There is a reason why they tried something totally different and others didn't. It’s not because others couldn't or didn't know about it, but it’s because others couldn't afford to take such a big risk that ispace1 took and potentially lose out on the market that they have already created for themselves or risk their loyal members.

The site, however, is in a position to take the risk of trying something different because they have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot of gain if it works for them. Although ispace1 has designed the site so that it can work for the masses by combining all the parts of online networking into one so that everyone can use it for almost every purpose, it’s not meant for everyone and it’s not applicable for every purpose.

All this can be a little hard to accept or digest, mainly because this is something totally new, but it surely is a radical change from what everyone is more used to. All new things have to face resistance and change is not easy, but once people start to see the benefits that ispace1 can bring to them, it will soon become the newly accepted norm.

It is too soon to say how things will turn out and it is hard to explain exactly how it all works and it may be even harder for someone to actually understand everything. So the best way to learn about ispace1 is by joining the site and giving it a try, one may like what they are doing, or one may not, but it is definitely worth giving it a chance.

About ispace1.com:

ispace1 i1 network is the next generation online networking platform that helps people and organizations connect and share with others. It’s not just into reconnecting with old contacts but more about discovering and connecting with new ones. It combines the best of social and professional networking into one like never before. It’s more than just a simple networking website. It provides an open platform where users can connect and share with each other in many different ways. It also gives users complete privacy preferences where they can control almost every part of their account. Open a free personal or business account in less than sixty seconds and give a try to the next big thing. (ispace1 i1 network and EZ solutions test prep series books are founded by Punit Raja SuryaChandra.)

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