A Plus Warehouse Announces Rare Earth Element Permanent Lifting Magnet As the Item of the Day

July 27, 2013

A Plus Warehouse has a wide array of products including the popular lifting magnets.

Santa Fe, New Mexico (PRWEB) July 27, 2013

A Plus Warehouse has many interesting products for customers to choose from. When a customer orders one item from the company, they are addicted to A Plus Warehouse products. A Plus Warehouse enjoys introducing customers to new products everyday. For today, A Plus Warehouse announces the Rare Earth Element Permanent Lifting Magnet as the product of the day.

This product belongs to A Plus Warehouse’s lifting magnet family. Lifting magnets are vital in any company where the lifting of semi-finished products such as machine parts is required. The stock also needs to be magnetized.

At A Plus Warehouse, safety is always the first priority. Using lifting magnets is the safest way to lift a heavy load. It is extremely easy to use as well. All customers need to do is flip a switch. This required very little effort and significantly decreases the chance of injury. According to Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse, “We want customers to be safe and we promise that our lifting magnets accomplish this mission.” A more risky alternative to lifting magnets is using a typical hosting application. Customers struggle to get the sling under the load. Not only is this job frustrating, but also it is dangerous. This problem is easily solvable with a lifting magnet.

A Plus Warehouse offers several types of lifting magnets including Slim Line Two Pole Lifting Magnet, Heavy Duty Flat Stock Lifting Magnets, and Hands Free Permanent Lifting Magnets. This brings the company to the product of the day, the Rare Earth Element Permanent Lifting Magnet. This product is manually operated without any power source. Just like the other A Plus Warehouse lifting magnets, this product is easy to use with a simple switch to turn the product on and off. The on off handle is also very easy to use. This product is also great for versatility. The product can lift both road and flat stock. Capacities for this product range from 300 to 5,000 pounds depending on plate thickness. Thinner sizes have a lower capacity. If a customer has any questions regarding this or any other product, sales people are also there to answer customer questions.

A Plus Warehouse is the operator of http://www.apluswhs.com and distributes materials handling and storage equipment nationwide and throughout Canada. The sales staff at A Plus Warehouse is available at 800-209-8798. A Plus Warehouse has been in constant operation since 1996.

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